Save. Spend. Splurge.

Is a millionaire a millionaire if there is no one around to criticize them?

The post is tongue in cheek because it is obvious this person who claims the following to never take advice from a millionaire:

…and says things like…

“Millionaires aren’t real millionaires because they’re not frugal”

Or this gem:

“You should never take advice from a millionaire because they don’t know what they’re doing”

Or this one:

“I always stay broke. I look at my cash accounts every day and I try to get my cash accounts down to zero”

…is likely running a scam on you. And an ironic one because he is a millionaire giving advice, and likely is making millions.. off… you.

And omg it is one of the best scams I’ve seen yet.

Check this out — he is basically telling you to spend every penny you have in your bank account to become rich.

This is every dreamer, lazy person’s WET DREAM right now because it means you don’t have to a single damn lick of hard work to become rich.

Contrast this to everyone else on the other side living frugally (frugal doesn’t mean cheap by the way, it just means you can have anything you want but not everything), and they’re all telling you to save 20% or more, to learn how to invest it, and so on.

Of course. I’m just extrapolating based on one Instagram post (but that’s because I cannot stand abt more than that).

He is making bank off people’s complete willingness to be in denial about what it takes to become rich.

Hard work? Pshaw.

Saving? What are you smoking?

Investing? Too difficult and takes forever.

And it is WORKING (are you even surprised at this point?)

He has over half a million followers on Instagram. Let’s contrast this to some of the other “personal finance” people you’ll eventually stumble across and their numbers at best, are in the 100,000 range.

All the LOLs.

People would rather believe a snake oil selling charlatan than a proven grow to be wealthy method, even loosely backed by one of the undoubtedly smartest financial geniuses of our lifetime – Warren Buffett, and it is the following:

  • Live reasonably.
  • Save money. At least 20% in my books.
  • Invest it in index funds.

It couldn’t be simpler, but underlying these three simple sentences is a lot of work.

You have to figure out what “living reasonably” means, such as making and sticking to a budget, you have to now make choices between luxuries like eating out or taking cabs to work instead of the bus.

After all that is done.

You’ve got to save that money! Gasp!

You can’t even spend it on a splashy vacation because you have to invest it and let it sit for the next 20-40 years without touching it.

Lastly, investing? Now you have to pick up a book and read it, read blog articles, google the crap out of anything you don’t understand and LEARN???!!!!!???????


It sure makes his message a lot easier to swallow right? “Spend every penny in your bank balance down to zero every day.”

Of course what I’m sure he doesn’t mention is that he clears the balance of that bank account into investments and THEN he is left with zero at the end of the day. But that’s just a minor, little snake oil detail.

What he is really doing is creating a real mistrust of basic common knowledge and teaching people who don’t know any better (or frankly don’t care to and aren’t willing to question anything), that being rich is easier than we are all making it out to be and putting in the hard work is for suckers.

If at the end of the day you’d rather believe him than basic common sense (how can it be like that! It is too good to be true – first red flag – and if being rich means having money in the bank, if I spend it all, doesn’t that defeat the whole definition of “rich”?), then maybe you get what you deserve.

He is selling a fantasy and taking your money to boot.


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