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Can you tell how excited I am right now?

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This will disappear soon for sure. They don’t give money away for free.


Also, when you first sign up they will give you an AMAZING shipping deal for the first 24 hours you’re never likely to get again.

Don’t waste it.

Update: Waiting to see what they do for Poshmark Australia. I hope it is the same.


For those of you unfamiliar with Poshmark, the prices are MUCH lower because it is sold by people like you and me, rather than through a consignment shop that takes 50% or more of your earnings.

That is good for buyers but for sellers, be prepared to just let it go.

How to sell on Poshmark

I cannot wait to do this. In a few months. I don’t have my closet here with me, unfortunately.

When you’re ready to sell an item, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Take a few photos of the item in a SQUARE picture format, write a quick description, set the price, and it’s up for sale. If your item is long, make sure you set square mode so you get the full length in a picture for the buyer
  2. When the item sells, Poshmark emails the seller a pre-addressed, prepaid Sendle shipping label that can be placed on any box. The buyer pays for shipping, which is a AU$9.95 flat rate. The seller and Poshmark can do deals and offer a discount on shipping but it comes out of the SELLER’s pocket. 🙁
  3. Once the item is shipped, the order will be delivered in one to seven business days, Poshmark pushes the seller to ship it within 2 days
  4. Poshmark tracks the package on its way to the buyer, and will only release payment to the seller when the buyer accepts the item.

The minimum listing price is AU$4, and sellers are encouraged to set fair prices according to the value of the item they’re selling.

“Fair” is subjective. People sometimes want $1500 items for $20. Eyeroll.

On Poshmark, the fees for Australia are:

  • It’s always free to list an item for sale on Poshmark.

After your item sells, we deduct a small fee from the final order price.

  • For all sales under A$20, Poshmark takes a flat commission of A$3.95.
  • For sales of A$20 or more, you keep 80% of your sale and Poshmark’s commission is 20%.
  • There is an additional GST rate (10%) on the Poshmark fee that is paid for by the seller.

Once your sale has been delivered and received by your buyer, the earnings from your sale are yours. Please keep in mind that buyers do have 3 days from the delivery date to accept their purchase. If they do not accept their purchase and are pleased with their item, Poshmark will automatically release your funds on the 4th day after the delivery date. You can then redeem your earnings via PayPal.

We at Poshmark like simplicity. Unlike other places, we handle the financial transaction for you (including paying credit card fees), provide you with a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label (supporting parcels up to 2.5 kilograms), and we will serve as your customer support team for your sale. In other words, we provide a simple end-to-end platform for selling!

Our current rates are: 

  • For listings under A$20, we charge a flat fee of A$3.95.
  • For orders that are A$20 and over, we keep 20% of the sale, and you get to keep 80%.

Most of this goes to card processing fees, providing insurance for all parcels mailed out, and ensuring that we are able to have a support team that can assist our community.

  • Please note all listings for sale must be at least A$5.
  • All orders include a GST on Poshmark fees that are deducted from the seller’s earnings.

What you get:

  • Free pre-paid shipping label.
  • Free credit card processing.
  • Customer support and Posh Protect buyer protection.

Full support info here.

How to buy on Poshmark

You browse, see something you like, and Buy it Now or Make an Offer.

It is a bit like eBay.

All offers are binding for 24 hours (you cannot cancel unless you cancel within I think the first 3 hours of making said offer if you note that you made a mistake).

Poshmark provides a flat rate of A$9.95 fee for all orders. Shipping fees and GST on shipping is paid for by the buyer. The GST is a flat rate of 10%.

All orders are shipped using Sendle Standard shipping. Please keep in mind that unforeseen issues may arise within Sendle that can cause shipments to be delayed for up to 2 weeks.

Want to purchase multiple listings from the same closet? Add listings to a Bundle for a single shipping fee of A$9.95 as long as the total weight of the order does not exceed 2.5 kg. Any overweight costs are paid by the seller.

It is pretty fair, and a great way to shop pre-loved, especially since the shipping is a FLAT RATE and won’t go up or down based on the item.

I buy a TON from Poshmark in the Canada and I am so happy my Australian friends can do it too in Australia.

Please note the currency in front of the prices below:

How does it work with Americans or Canadians?

It doesn’t CURRENTLY allow cross border shopping or cross-country shipping.

Here is their official answer as of June 4th:

While cross-border shipping isn’t currently available to our users, we’re hoping to launch this feature very soon! In the meantime, a buyer in Canada can purchase an item from a US seller only if they have the item shipped to a US address, and vice versa.

How do I make the most of it?

As for the glossary of terms, you can browse what they use here, like “Posher” (a Poshmark seller) or “bundle” where if you go into a Posher’s closet and see 5 things you like, you can bundle them and you may get a discount on the whole lot, or you can make an offer on the lot of 5 you want.

Plus, it saves on shipping costs!!!!! It is one flat shipping rate per purchase / per seller.

Then of course standard selling terms like:

    BNIB – Brand new in box
    NWOT – New without tags
    NWT – New with tags

.. also apply.

You can also download the app here which makes it much easier.

Again, my referral code for $10 AUD is:


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