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Ask Sherry: Would I make more money if I were a man?

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Do you feel like you would make more money if you worked as your industry as a man?

No. I always ask for my rate and either get it, or close to it. I have even become more inflexible in my old age (LOL)… because I will simply just refuse to work unless I get the rate I want. It’s really a negotiating tactic that isn’t a negotiation tactic as I can and will walk away.

I would however, have gotten more contracts more frequently, especially at the start of my career. Being a woman really works against me for even getting my foot into the door to be interviewed. Now that I am more established, it is less painful now than it was.

On the whole, men are more trusted right off the bat to be competent without much (like during interviews, etc) and don’t need to prove themselves in the way that women do. I don’t think this is unique to my industry.

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