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Week of Money: Update

Hi. It’s me.

I am still doing these posts, but this has been a raw couple of weeks so far.

I leave you with some Little Bun highlights and notes from the week. This may be the format from time to time until I can get back on my feet, so to speak.

Remember, I have full-time job, full-time Little Bun and household, and deleted thousands of blog posts I had scheduled up until almost the end of the year. So yeah. Not great.

I am now decided to do this schedule:

  • Monday: Regular post
  • Thursday: Week of Money
  • Friday: Ad hoc Ask Sherry posts.
  • Saturday: Link Love

I simply don’t have the bandwidth to write new posts in place of the 100+ future posts I wrote that I scrapped. If I didn’t have a full-time job, why not?

But that comes first over this hobby.


He has been asking a lot for “Mommy Time”, which means time alone with him and me, doing things together.

Little Bun: Mommy? Can we have some Mommy Time? I want 50 minutes upcycling and 30 minutes reading after I do all this cutlery.

Little Bun: Can I have some Mommy Time now? I have been SO PATIENT waiting ALL morning doing my workbook and now I want some MOMMY TIME.

Little Bun: I want Mommy Time after my nap. LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF MOMMY TIME.

I’d like Mommy Time, myself….


I got a hair splinter. I didn’t even know this was possible. Apparently it happens all the time to hairdressers for instance, but man it hurt. I basically dug a hole in my foot to get past the layers of skin to pick out this tiny little hair that looks suspiciously like a little boy’s hair. Just saying.


As we were re-arranging the plants to let them get optimal light during the day….

Little Bun: Mommy, I am so glad you deranged the plant boxes!

Me: Deranged!? *alarmed*

Little Bun: YEAH! It all looks so organized now.

Me: You mean ARRANGED. *laughing*

Little Bun: Oh. Yeah. Arranged. What’s deranged?

Me: It means crazy.

Little Bun: OH! *LAUGHING*


From watching “Arthur” where Arthur has DW, a little sister on the show:

Little Bun: Mommy, I don’t think I want a little brother or sister. I mean, they’re so much work. You have to watch them, take care of them, talk to them, soothe them. I like being an only child.

Me: Good because you have no say in it anyway. LOL


He understands “options” now!!! LOL

Me: Do you want to read “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series? Mommy wants to take a nap. *takes his hand and leads him out of the bedroom*

Little Bun: Are there any other options?

Me: No. You can play quietly in the living room if you want, but I need quiet, as I am napping.

Little Bun: Oh. Okay. I will read Nate the Great then.


Little Bun: I am less energetic now than when I was younger.

Me: Say what!?

Little Bun: Yeah, when I was a toddler I had so much energy!!!

Me: True….

It was because he heard me say that I used to have more energy when I was younger, and now he thinks it applies to him as well but he has NO IDEA WHAT IS COMING.


  • Kat

    Little Bun sounds so cute, I think its awesome he wants to a lot of mommy time. ^_^

  • Gail

    Be kind to yourself, Sherry. You are still producing smiles with your posts. You must remember you do so much and have your priorities in line, smart woman!
    Little Bun had more energy when he was younger!!!!!! That cracks me up, as do deranged plants and not wanting a sibling for the work. If you ever wondered, your kid really listens to you even if sometimes it doesn’t seem so. That is a great tool and advantage in parenting, but also requires prudent choice in messaging, at which you are no slouch.
    Thank you from your readers who love you and wish you the best in slowly regaining momentum. We can get by on the posts as planned, and we are glad you have a sensible plan. Take a bit of time for YOU. Hugs.

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