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When did you finally feel like an adult?

I think when I started paying my own bills and making my own appointments to see the doctor, dentist, gynaecologist, was when I finally felt like an adult.

I got a credit card at 16, and I felt very responsible and grown up when I had to transfer money to clear it online, and later, when I had real adult debt (student debt), and I started tracking my expenses and doing a budget (omg, for real), I felt so adult-y…

Like: This is what adults do!

Then.. after that, investing for the first time…and then reading like a mofo and learning the best strategy on how to invest (all the deets on exactly what to buy in what amounts here in my book for Americans AND Canadians)

Another time I felt adult-y was when I started working at a real job for the first time (not counting all the businesses I had before and how I made thousands from virtual millions as a kid).

My first job made me feel quite “adult-y” because then I learned how to do my taxes (ON PAPER WITH A GUIDE!) before I realized you could buy $20 software to enter in all this information and do it without using a pencil, eraser and calculating on the side on a piece of paper.

Another milestone is when I bought my car and paid for my own license (honestly, this was in my mid-20s however), and I was “free” able to go where I wanted…

For personal milestones, I felt like an adult when I finally traveled without my parents…

The last one of course is having Little Bun.



  • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    I’ve felt adultISH for many years, but mostly I’ve felt old. I still don’t feel like an adult even when I’m going to pick up my own child from daycare, looking moderately not schlubby, in the car that we paid cash for years ago, to go home to the house we’re going to own in tennish years. I don’t know what it’ll take! Retirement?

  • Financial Orchid

    Started paying rent at 21. Funny thing was when I moved back to my city after 5 years my mom actually asked me if I paid my rent on time.

    I was more stressed than happy leasing my first car .
    I did not feel adulty relocating for work as I did not know whether said work would work out. Still here after 7 years.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Leasing a car is never a pleasant thing — it is like you don’t own it but yet you are responsible and have to pay for it.

      • Financial Orchid

        Tell me about it. Then I got a job offer elsewhere and I ended up with only 10000 km for a 2 year lease that cost me $7200 – lease only. On the upside, because the lease was only 24 months I got out of it quickly and just rented cars as I needed.

        Hm, I’d also say age 25 was an adult like feeling, since I felt like that was marriage eligible age, could finally rent a car thru traditional carriers at reasonable rates, and started my massive travel trips, and also the age I started to actively date seriously, and considered owning real estate.

  • Paula

    So funny that you posted this, but I never really thought about it before last year, when I chose an expensive vacuum over a Nintendo switch and felt great with my choice… LOL!!
    Other than that all I thought was that I had responsibilities and had to take care of things by myself, like being an adult was already implied on all of that.

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