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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Net worth by age (average and median wealth)

1. Benchmarked

Here are some stats for you to simply look at as a benchmark (not set in stone) of net worths by age (both median and average). As the new year begins, I know we are all eager for a fresh start / newly scrubbed slate of financial goals.

On the one hand, I enjoy these stats because I can see if I am on track out of curiousity. I also like seeing how in your 60s, your net worth is as high as it will ever be, and as you spend down in retirement, it drops but… not by much. You really don’t need as much money as you think to retire, perhaps. Or maybe the super rich are really skewing these numbers way out whack. I’d like to think that it is the former, and I can ease off the pedal so to speak, in aggressive savings and investing, though I still worry about these things that most people tend to forget when they try to FIRE early.

On the other hand, I dislike them because it can really discourage someone who is trying hard, to see that in your 40s you should be at $201K more or less as a median net worth to be in the middle of the pack, but maybe you’re still trying to clear all of your student loans and have a negative net worth. This despair in comparing yourself to these stats, can feel like you will never make it, and it is insurmountable to even start and try to catch up to these numbers.

Lastly – you may need less than you think. If you want to calculate what your CoastFIRE number would be (read: What are all the FIRE levels), you can use this WalletBurst calculator. You could just hustle hard to hit a certain number and then “coast” into retirement, just covering expenses until then.


If you want a cute pop-up book that is chic, may I suggest the Hermès Pop Up? It has various scarves made into pop-up images, or pages where you can twist and turn the scarf images. It is very pretty and interesting. I own it in French and English.

3. Crabby

This recipe for vegan crab cakes looks incredible. I already love vegan crab cakes, so if I can make them myself, why not? This recipe uses hearts of palm which has the same texture, and then it’s just a question of spices. It looks great, and likely tastes just as it real crab cake. I am into these plant-based meals and such a huge fan!


My favourite sweater shape and sweater style, is by far, the All Saints Ridley style. I now own it in dark grey, light grey, pink and white. All Saints has finally restocked it in various colours on their site, and I would be lying if I said I was not considering it in black. It goes with everything. It looks incredible with jeans, over skirts, trousers, it is casual yet work appropriate. It’s the ultimate sweater.

5. 90s nostalgia

I was a 90s kid, so this made me laugh because it was all SO TRUE. All of it brought back so many memories. Enjoy, my other Elder Millennials.


Harlem is one of the best series to hit “TV” (really it isn’t cable TV, it’s on Amazon only). I love that it is so funny, & interesting. It’s like the new, better, version of Sex and the City but for modern times. I love especially, the addressing of racial undertones of how they are treated in restaurants for instance. Plus, the fashion is on point.


I think we are all feeling the same thing as this article – pandemic dressing has completely changed the way we look at clothes now. I am mostly in loungewear, leggings and sweatpants at home. I wear robes to keep warm as I work, and I am really into thick cashmere blankets and shawls to wrap around myself as I work at home and feel cosy.

I have found that during these past 2 years of the pandemic, going on Year Million, I have stopped buying:

  • Heels (even cute ones that would look nice as a display), because I will not wear more than what I have today as heels for comfort
  • Workwear – of all kinds. If I cannot see myself wearing it outside of a work environment for fun (I imagine my fantasy of going to drop and pick up Little Bun from school to filter this)
  • Anything uncomfortable – I guess jeans that we can term as “hard pants”, fall into this category, along with trousers, but my tolerance for being uncomfortable or restricted, has gone way way way down from before

Pandemic dressing has become a thing. I will say that when I go out, I do want to dress up more than before, yet still retain comfort, which is why I have been pretty much living in these Lezé the Label clothing, and piling on the accessories like a crazy bejewelled person.


If I carried strap-less bags, I would be into this gold chained festooned clutch. I love how it looks, the chains, the dripping gold everywhere. It’s such a statement piece but ultimately completely useless for my current life. Even my past life. I won’t carry clutches.

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