Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Living on a million a year

1. Millionaire

If this will trigger you, don’t watch it. Long story short, they are both business owners who live on $1M (net) a year in Silicon Valley but they gross $2M, and this is how they spend their money. They spend about $25K a month which is $300K and bank the rest of that $700K.

2. Matcha

Just put in another order for this ceremonial grade organic green tea matcha. The ceremonial grade is the most expensive, creamiest, smoothest tea you can purchase, and compared to the crap (yes crap) served at even Starbucks, the taste difference is astronomical. I don’t even buy matcha at Starbucks unless I am in the mood for something very grassy and strong-tasting, because this stuff is THE BEST.

3. Side eye

So plastic is going to be banned in Canada for end of 2022 (plastic bags, etc), but we are still going to manufacture them to ship abroad? We are still contributing to the problem. Why can’t we switch over to another business or have them phase out? This is really a shortsighted view. “We won’t use them but we will sell them to you!


I have been using this for a few months now, and this Waterpik Aquarius Flosser is perfect for home-use. It is big enough to do all my teeth back and front without refilling, and I am now used to the pressure of the massage on the gums.


The numbers do not seem real from this Dubai ruler’s divorce from the Princess. I mean I read this and my eyes pop: In one summer while they were married, Haya and Sheikh Mohammed spent £2m on strawberries, the court heard.

BUT! It is all relative spending right? They spent almost $4M (to me) on strawberries (I double the £ in my head), but they have billions. $4M is nothing to them. Still though! Can you imagine? It’s vicarious spending at its best.


I am loving these long, dangly earrings. They’re gorgeous with a stone at the end. It’s just so perfect.


Wow the theme of today is basically money and spending, but this article is about money advice.. specifically, if someone should disclose they have $1M “hidden” from someone they intend on marrying.

For me, if you are at the point of marriage – it is time to talk about finances and how much you have, owe, etc and where you plan on going. You can get pre-nuptials (huge fan) if you want, but the talk HAS to happen. You can’t hide it and have it suddenly be revealed when they had no clue you had the money to begin with.


I am loving the sleeves, the warm look, and the v-neck look of the front and back of this sweater. I think it is snuggly, soft and a perfect winter addition. And for some reason, this jacquard sweater is making me give it a second look.

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