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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.


What I liked this week:

I just discovered this bag brand called Campomaggi. Uh oh. I usually hate the idea of super flashy, gilded flowery things but this laminated leather tote bag above is mesmerizing.. and so is its $632 USD price. *gulp* My other quick picks are here, here and here…..

My new favourite instagram account: Urban Bush Babes. Stylish, real and gorgeous twins. My own instagram account is here by the way, I post almost all of my outfits on there.

  • Also, we are starting to move to become more vegetarian / vegan.. in fact, I discovered there’s a word for us, we’re “flexitarians / cheating vegetarians” apparently. We eat mostly vegetables, I have milk with my matcha green tea, and one day a week, we eat a bit of¬†chicken or seafood, and vegetarian the next (eggs). Baby Bun is turning into a flexitarian too. He sucks down milk by the gallon and eats mostly vegetarian during the week like we do. Why are we flexitarian? 3 words: Money. Environment. Health.
  • Reading this post about death definitely brought up something in me. I think a lot about my parents’ and my in-laws’ mortality and that starts off a cycle of thinking about Baby Bun and HIM worrying about OUR mortality. *sighs* … The best we can all do, is benefit as much as we can from the present and try as hard as possible to remember that A) tomorrow is another day and B) money is not everything.
  • I sort of want to hire a personal stylist now. I’d be curious to hear what she / he would say… or maybe I should just pretend to be one and go through my wardrobe!
  • What’s in a name? An interesting look at what names make it far in life and what don’t. Not loving the racial profiling though. We named Baby Bun with the idea that his name would be easy to say and translates well across multiple languages and cultures. We’ll be testing that when we’re in Europe next year.
  • This envelope clutch from Marlow Goods is divine. I love the company’s philosophy of nose to tail vertical manufacturing. They breed the cows, sell the meat, make the bags out of the hides & don’t waste anything in between.



  • The Asian Pear

    Thanks for the link love. It’s been a crazy time for me in January now too… More funerals and births. It really makes you start appreciating life and the people dear to you.

  • Julie

    so glad to hear about cheating vegetarians. can you share what’s a typical weekly meal plan for your family? and what are you go-to meals for baby bun? we’re trying to eat a bit less meat in our household and could use some ideas. i’m struggling bcoz hubby needs his meat to be full, so what are some good alternatives to keep hubby happy. thanks so much:)

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