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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Some Real Life Cheat Codes you can use

1. Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin eater

Cheat codes are things you can enter into video games to bypass or make certain levels easier, so this article detailing out the various ways you can “cheat” at life is actually kind of interesting. I definitely follow this one – Faking confidence leads to having real confidence – this is what I used at the very start of my career when I was green and a bit insecure about my lack of knowledge. I pretended I understood, took copious notes, and then read everything I could find on the subject.

I actually did this for money as well, and almost anything I get into. I assume I am smart enough to figure it out, and then I read / research the hell out of it until I gain some sort of knowledge in the matter. I am the type of person who can teach herself things within limits. I mean, for instance, if you asked me to handle cars, I guess I could do it but I have no real interest, motivation or drive to do so (I can just pay someone), and unless I see a point in learning it for my own personal use, I won’t put in the effort or time.

This life hack was particularly nice: “Usually people want to see a manager to complain, and a compliment is nearly always welcome. I’ve gotten countless free drinks, appetizers, and money off my bill, all for just making a polite comment to management.“, and I definitely tell Little Bun ALL THE TIME that he worked hard, or he is a hard worker, not that he is necessarily smart, as hard work leads to intelligence in my book.

Last one – ” Investing money is ridiculously underrated. There are dividend ETFs that will pay you a monthly dividend.” Agreed. But you don’t necessarily have to buy dividend-focused ETFs, even index ones pay out a dividend and are more diversified.


This book on generations of wealth, is a coffee-table style photography book that I currently have in my shopping basket. I also highly recommend her documentary also titled: Generation Wealth.


I found this video – Inside the Massive Secondhand Fashion Market – The Business of Fashion, very interesting.

I completely disagree that all luxury brands in all of their categories are well-made items. Just look at this crappy Chanel Advent calendar that retailed for $825 USD for instance containing STICKERS and a plastic bracelet. Not everything every luxury brand makes, is amazing.

As an avid secondhand shopper, I wrote these posts:

…and I find it now, very difficult to buy retail. Honestly, once you buy secondhand, for a higher quality for MUCH CHEAPER, you can’t go back. I have certain brands I keep in mind for certain categories. Cashmere for instance, I look at these brands I know – Aritzia, Theory, Club Monaco, White and Warren, and even Banana Republic has decent cashmere that doesn’t itch, though I will say the Banana Republic cashmere has started to wear out a lot faster than the other brands, though that may be because Little Bun wears it as his loungewear.

But could I say that in Artizia, ALL of their items are amazing? No. I do not believe this. Their cashmere is good, and a few other things, but I would not go to them for every item in my closet.


They are pricey but these Hanro white tanks are the perfect tank for layering and wearing casually. They are also well made, and comfortable.

5. RAW

This account of a woman who stopped cheating on her husband (read the whole thing before judging), was a really raw read. As humans, I think we have a built-in fallacy where we crave validation. If we do not get it from our partners, we get it elsewhere. There is no justification for cheating of course, because it’s just another lie when really, what they want to do is not be with that person any longer but are not able to say so. Or at least, be truthful that they are not getting something of what they need from them, but can’t have that conversation.


These are some BEAUTIFUL leaf-inspired earrings by Banana Republic. They look light, pretty, modern….. They really seem to be stepping up their game in recent years. I even like these Chime Earrings, and these Moonstone rings.


Trevor Noah on White Supremacists, nailed it. I have always thought about that, and actually, Canada is not immune, particularly Qu├ębec in their thinking. I have heard numerous conversations about how they were the first ones here before the Anglos … but have kept my mouth shut that the First Peoples were already living here. No new land was actually ‘discovered’.


Speaking of basic white tees, if you want to wear something different and elevated without being too obvious about it, this padded shoulder white tee looks phenomenal. Not recommended for broad shoulders like mine, or else I’d be all over it, but it would look stunning on so many other shoulders while being an elevated and cool basic white tee.

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