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Tailoring for Dummies: How to quickly cheat and add a full lining to a jacket


This obviously won’t work on ALL jackets, but my Isabel Marant Obil jacket which I thrifted a while back felt great but I felt like it needed a silky lining.




I also started Googling how to put a lining in a jacket and they all said to grab a lining, carefully pick it out, save half of the shape and make a pattern out of it in the new fabric you want as the lining.

My face again: O_o

I have zero sewing skills and that sounded like a lot of work to me.


So one day I had a little brainwave and thought: Why don’t I just get some silky shirts, double them up if I need to, and sew them into the jacket??

I headed over to H&M, found 2 long-sleeved shirts in 3 sizes too large (I didn’t want it form fitting so that I could still wear a sweater), and sewed them into the jacket.



The jacket itself is kind of a marled wool.

It doesn’t look very polished or tailored and it was easy even with my hack tailoring / sewing skills to sew in the lining with some black thread and not have it even show at all on the outside.

That alone, saved me.

What also saved me is that I bought shirts in 3 sizes too big so that it would be comfortable inside the jacket rather than being too tight so that I couldn’t wear a sweater underneath the jacket.

1 hour later of carefully pinning (with a safety pin) the shirts in place and sewing the shirts onto the jacket, I had a cheat lining for my jacket, and it feels GREAT.

I’m starting to reach for the jacket more, knowing that the sleeves are no longer itchy, and it is fast becoming a well-used piece in my wardrobe as a result.

It’s super warm, comfortable and has kind of a cool look in the back which I thought I’d tidy up by sewing into the back of the jacket, but I sort of like the look of the tail end of the shirts peeking out from behind as it is more of a casual jacket.



And there you have it!

It looks casual cool now & I can wear it a lot more often because I won’t need to necessarily always wear a long-sleeved shirt.

What do you think of my tailoring hack?


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