Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Are you old? Here’s a test.

1. Oldies but goodies

This “test” of things old people know about, is both funny and making me realize I am pretty darn old now.

2. Summer stripes

For $35, I am interested in this striped dress that comes in various colours, and with and without sleeves.

3. Unimaginable

I cannot, in a million years, ever come close to experiencing what people of colour experience in this day and age, particularly black drivers. I can however, feel empathy and put myself in their shoes and learn more about what they are going through each time they venture out into the world. This is what they are doing if they’re stopped by cops.

If you want to watch even more, these are black parents teaching their young black babies (yes, BABIES to me), what to do if they are stopped by cops. Heartbreaking. My heart tore for them, and what they must feel each time their children leave the home.

4. Fresh

This Cloth & Stone shirt remains to date, one of the best white shirts I have ever owned. Comfortable, soft, button-up, and perfect.

5. Minimum wage

Curious about Canada’s minimum wage? Here’s a graphic to show you how much each province is paying.

6. Organizing trays

I am not a fan of organizing things all in white, plastic, or clear. I like interesting pieces that are a little less sharp, like these beautiful plates that could double as jewellery trays.

7. Eating your money

These are the 10 most expensive fruits in the world.

8. On the go

This stylish wristlet is perfect for when you just want to throw in a few things, and go for a walk. I am starting to move away from really big bags unless I am running errands.


  • steveark

    Definitely older than a rock. In fact a quiz to determine my age would include 8 track tapes, black and white television, 25 cent burgers, McDonalds fries cooked in animal lard(they were so good!), pop top cans where the pop top came completely off the can, no cell phones, no home computers, no laptop computers, rotary dial phones, party lines, analogue stereo systems with vinyl records and vacuum tubes instead of computer chips. But still a pretty good trip down memory lane! Thx Sherry.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      You’re welcome. I am thinking of all the things my mother remembers as well. She remembers heating up hot coals to iron with; you put it in this little ironing metal container and use it to iron with).

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