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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Meet Alena Wicker, the 12-year old genius who wants to be a NASA engineer

1. To the moon

Alena Wicker, child prodigy at 12-years old, wants to be a NASA engineer by 16 (she’s starting college now). I read stories like this and it warms my heart seeing young girls set their sights on STEM fields.

2. Eames

This iconic chair is on my list for the future for my office. I have sat in one and love the way it feels and leans.

3. Burdened with debt at 40

Middle-aged millennials (a cohort which I am part of), are coming out with their own stories about being stressed as they’re burdened with a lot of debt such as homeownership, and some even still paying off their loans at the same time.

It seems to me that they’re overreaching to just be able to buy a home. That’s the theme of the article, and want this home rather than to be a renter, either for financial or emotional (more the latter) reasons. It’s a common refrain amongst my friends as well, but they aren’t quite in this situation of not being able to afford the $450K home, more like the $1M home as they’re in Toronto.

4. Giant Monstera

I think I want a giant, whimsical rug in the future and am eying this Monstera Leaf Rug rather than something “tasteful” which I think is overrated.

5. Future predictions

This is what people in the past, thought the future would hold. Some are hilarious.

6. Headset

I have finally been ordered (?) to buy a headset to work from home with because the sound quality is simply horrific. I picked up this one for under $50.

7. Gender Gap

How executives in companies can help close the gender gap in pay. Think they’re going to do it? I am not so optimistic.

8. Stuffed

I am obsessed with these Stuffed Cookies (get 10% off with this referral). My favourite is Skor, as it has Speculoos as the cookie butter base (it’s delicious, like a Snickerdoodle).

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