Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.


Learn how to $10,000 and track every bit of it in a spreadsheet, or $100,000 in 7 years by saving $1100 a month a la Bridget.

You should also read this succinct list of 12 pieces of money advice given from a father to his children. They’re all SPOT ON.

If all else fails, become a drug dealer.

You will be guaranteed to learn the hard way how to budget.


Tell me this website full of newborn baby animals isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

I do feel rather bad they’re all in zoos, as I would rather them be happy and unharmed in the wild…

Thanks to @ellstar of House Hippo for getting me hooked.


Have you ever said any of these racial microaggressions to someone?


This story was painful to read, and this one was exactly what I love to read.


I am almost convinced by this post now to run out and at least try on a pair of Lanvin ballet flats.

Check out this girl’s enviable collection of Lanvin ballet flats!


Yes folks, you are indeed looking at $7280 in these Lanvin shoes alone. Each pair costs about $520. She bought doubles JUST IN CASE they stop making them.

I too am a US 7 and I find it difficult to find good ballet flats that will stand the test of time.

I mean just reading this article on how there is only cheap crap or really expensive stuff I’d consider to be “normal” quality available, makes me annoyed.


If these people are considered “average” or “normal” in terms of their spending, I do not want to be the average Canadian then.

I spend a lot of money, but they stand for everything I wholeheartedly despise in terms of financial habits and money management.

I’d rather be this guy.


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were made for each other.


This article proves it.


I dare you to read this article and not cry.

I was tearing up near the end. What a moving, fantastic story, told in tweets.


This puppy is so adorable I can’t stand it.


Do you judge someone’s financial situation based on how they look?

Yes. Who doesn’t?

Who here can HONESTLY say that they do not?

I will admit honestly that I do judge people by the way they dress and what they drive, but it doesn’t mean I think about the judgement in the same way.

If I see someone with a fancy car, all decked out with fancy attire, I don’t immediately assume that they’re in debt, but it gives me a feeling that they are, based on what I have gathered so far about what they do for a living, how they seem to spend their money and how they value a dollar (or not).

If I see someone in tattered clothes, mismatched and generally looking like a hobo, I don’t immediately assume that they’re poor, but wonder if they’re secret millionaires. Of course, then I change or adjust my judgement based on how I see them act towards money and spending.

I judge someone at first glance, but then I adjust that judgement after talking with them about their life and listening to their responses.

I can usually tell within about a month of getting to know someone (if we chat about topics other than work), what kind of person they are in terms of spending and saving — that is, if they are able to or not.

It’s all in the signs of how they respond to questions about vacations or their life in general.

Then again, I’m also someone who likes to dress up and look stylish, so yes, people can also judge me however they want — but it doesn’t bother me because I’m not in debt for it.


I think Canadians and Australians have a few rants in common. Hilarious.

Hat tip to Sarah for posting this.


Please don’t do what this couple is doing — can we say house rich, cash poor?

Read my post on renting versus owning a home.

…or simply just be more like this guy instead (wish I had been that smart when I was his age!)


  • PK

    Interesting on #10 – I can’t imagine that most people wouldn’t have some rules of thumb on how to quickly judge people. Truth is, you can’t talk to everyone to try to figure out their true story so I can’t see that going away (for better or worse!).

    From a practical standpoint, it also means you can play into stereotypes depending on how you want to be perceived. I’m thinking of the original MIT Blackjack Team here, and how they allegedly played on stereotypes at the casinos by, for example, using women making big money bets (at a time when middle-aged men were watched closely for counting). Use those stereotypes against people, haha.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      @PK: They also say that mothers with children are supposed to be the LEAST likely to steal, but they are the #1 culprits in shoplifting.

      *shrug* Can’t really judge a book by its cover but it’s human nature to do so.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      @PK: @PK: They also say that mothers with children are supposed to be the LEAST likely to steal, but they are the #1 culprits in shoplifting.

      *shrug* Can’t really judge a book by its cover but it’s human nature to do so.

  • Blair@LifeDollarsandSense

    Fun links! Fan of the article on the boy who is doing amazing things paying off his mortgage and living in his basement. Its really impressive…..but I wonder if he will ever have a girlfriend :/

  • Heather H

    Sorry but no other flat would break me from my Repetto obsession. Bonus that they are cheaper than Lanvin 🙂

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I was looking at Repetto too but I find that ballet flats without a curved/elastic back seem to NOT stay on my feet. Do you find that with the Repettos?

      • Heather H

        @save. spend. splurge.: No, I do not have a problem with them staying on. I only get them in the nubuck or suede which is very soft and will conform to your foot, the key is to get them to fit exactly to the length of your foot because they will stretch a little. Honestly I feel like I have nothing on my feet wearing them which I really love but others might want more substance to their shoe 🙂

  • SarahN

    Thanks for some great links. I’m not sure how much I’m willing to pay for ballet flats, I mean, that blogger must have a great job!

    I also appreciate another lot of link love – I’m glad you enjoyed the buzzfeed summary of being Aussie!

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