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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where Babies compete in the Olympics

I just discovered the existence of Nüshu script, a revolutionary simplification of Mandarin is finally recognized as a language and looks so elegant. Here it is with Mandarin on the left and Nüshu on the right.

A CLOCK WITH WORDS INSTEAD OF NUMBERS? I want this so badly for Baby Bun. It is SO COOL and he would love it, even as a teenager.

Lady Gaga, Prince William (Duke of Cambridge) Face-Timing about Mental Depression. [Video] There is a real taboo about depression and mental health, and although we can’t see the pain others are feeling (e.g. broken leg in a cast), it doesn’t mean you aren’t hurting inside. Don’t bury it under the rug. Get help.

There is a 2000-person wait list for this body cream. O_o It is also super pricey at $42 USD per 4.2oz jar. I’ll stick to my GlaxalBase Cream, thankyouverymuch. It may smell medicinal but it has cured my eczema without making me gag from its perfume.

I learned 2 very important things: Acne that is painful and under the skin is “cystic acne”, and you just need to let it ride it out unless you want to take medication (take it ASAP) to nip it in the bud.

This is a good Jo Koy – Light’s Out video…. he’s half Filipino and he imitates his heritage perfectly, so perfectly I can’t stop laughing.

If babies competed at the Olympics, I’d be more into watching it.

Use this extension to drop United Airlines from your search. I would. What they did to that poor doctor was ridiculous. He had a valid reason to get home on time.

Oh.. OH… these gorgeous leather heels have a elastic back and a solid block heel. It looks incredible and so comfortable in black, ivory, rose and bright red.

Does anyone remember Serial Joe? They’re Canadian and I remember just loving this song of theirs…

If you want a REALLY good beauty and skincare book that is no nonsense, try this one – Pretty Honest.

Good to know: Refrigerate your unsalted butter but you can leave your SALTED butter out.

Lacy and yet modest but sexy as a midi dress? I had no idea a spring dress could hit all of those notes!

Also, I loved this video of Coffee around the world, although I am NOT a coffee drinker. I wish they had the same video for tea. Speaking of coffee, it comes in clear now so it won’t stain your teeth.

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