Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where nuns (actual sisters) grow weed

Mario Batali (Iron Chef U.S.) makes a fantastic pizza with his super soothing and confident voice with things in your kitchen – no fancy wood oven, nada!

…and dang it looks good. Full recipe here.

These nuns in California are growing weed. For realz.

This made me laugh so hard, the Beauty & the Beast actors finish Disney lyrics …. Lighthearted and funny.

I want to buy this DVD Speed Sisters and watch it. We always think of Muslim or Middle Eastern fathers and their families as being terribly strict and so rule-driven and this gives a different perspective on the only all-women’s racing team in the Middle East. They are just like any other parent. I really connected with this film… I feel like listening to this song while watching it too. 😉

NSFW. NSFW!! If you click on this tweet and read the message, you will cry. So.. yeah, wait until you get home and take off your makeup before clicking this link. Trust me.

I hate tight crew-neck shirts because they make me feel like I’m choking when I wear them, but this crew tee is a near perfect fit and cut.

Speaking of food, high-stakes dining would be eating a poisonous fish (the puffer fish) prepared by a chef. Whenever you eat fugu, you put your life on the line, sort of like Russian roulette with a tongue. I say.. no thank you. I don’t want to risk it. It took the chef 10 years to learn how to serve it with extreme care.

Something about foxes speaks to me. This fox printed shirt is really cute.. I’d love it as a loungewear piece.

I rather liked this opinion piece about how “My husband didn’t “settle” for a fat wife“… we really are too caught up in what others think of us.

Instead of a BB cream or CC cream or tinted moisturizer, I am intrigued by this tinted sunscreen. SPF 30 naturally. I wear sunscreen a lot more than I do makeup these days and having it tinted would be a lot better.. Or could I just mix foundation into my sunscreen?

I LOVE how the story about this woman Li Juhong who suffered an accident and now has no legs, has become a village doctor dedicated to help others with the help of her husband as her legs.

I am sorely tempted into buying this shirt to wear for Baby Bun (and for myself of course).

From the slums of Rio to the ballet stage of NYC. What an inspiring story, and every time I see a ballerina on her toes (en pointe), I find it both beautiful, fascinating and horrifying (have you seen their feet & toes? Ruined is the word..).

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