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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where re-selling your things can be humiliating

Reselling your clothes is not easy and it can be humiliating. I am working through my own wardrobe as we speak, and slowly culling what no longer serves me, not to mention reviewing this entire list on how to declutter.

I don’t know what happened but now I’m REALLY into a delicate, layered necklace like this very pretty one.. I feel like I am years behind this trend and finally catching up, like when I went nuts and bought skinny jeans galore.

Also, if you’re ordinary, forget about asking to even buy a Hermès bag… this account of normal women asking for fancy bags is hilarious.

Cashmere + Cocoon + Sweater .. I feel like these words are my kryptonite.

I loved this post from LS: Negotiate your salary, you owe it to yourself.

Love myself a good short boot. This black pair from R&B looks very comfortable.

Finally, skincare tips that don’t make me roll my eyes. These are actually good tips, although that first one about “staying hydrated” I feel like is a load of bunk sometimes. I drink as much as my body wants as water, not more or less, and if I overload my skin with moisturizer because I am “dehydrated” on my chin as the “experts” love to trot out as a phrase, I break out even more.

Am I.. reading this right? $2000 for a windbreaker that looks like some off-the-rack Gap piece? Honey, if I am paying $2000, it is going to be for something stunning like THIS camelhair wrap jacket.

I love reading updates on LB growing up because it reminds me of when Little Bun was tinier and easier to handle in some ways…

A reader turned me onto Yoga Outlet, and now I’m browsing like a mofo, sharing the love, but find they aren’t necessarily any cheaper than Lululemon… if anyone wants yoga pants for cheaper, check them out, but I will mention to PLEASE do not buy “One Size” leggings, as they WILL stretch as you tug them on, and WILL show skin.. *cough*

I never ever thought I’d say this but I love the Canada Post app. I can now track all my Amazon orders for my mom, my aunt and myself, and it is simple to use! All Canadians who post / receive mail a lot should use this thing…

Why can’t I stop eying cashmere sweaters? This one looks particularly cosy.

Oh.. this Netflix video of Ali Wong – Baby Cobra comedy is quite funny. I still have to say my comedian is more Katherine Ryan.

Something…about this silver clutch makes me want it. Silver? Metallic? A clutch? Impractical on all counts and yet… <3 And yet this leopard clutch still tugs at my heart strings….


…for all the link love!

I love that Gen Y Money does this PF Blog Roundup and adds her own little “Day of Money” twist in there. Check it out


  • Mia

    If you like delicate, beaded, stone and metal necklaces definitely check out the Sundance Catalog website. They have a lot of unique, high-quality pieces.

  • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    I’m selling off as much as I can from my closet that I no longer fit, having had my lifetime growth spurt (thanks, pregnancy) and I don’t even bother with consignment stores because nothing I have is nice enough for them. I’m only selling on Poshmark and I accept that it’ll be a slow process but at least we’re getting more than yard sale money for pretty old or dated pieces. It’s interesting what sells – seems like shoes are the easiest to move for me but other stuff just takes a lot of time. And eventually I’ll have to pack it up and take it to donate or recycle.

  • Tania

    I sell my things a lot on poshmark and I’m able to detach emotionally from them. I think it’s why I’m able to do fairly well in sales. I see other sellers have listings for way above what anyone will pay for a year or more. If I do take things to a resale shop after a declutter I head straight to a donation place directly after, I don’t worry too much about what was not sold. It is best not to take it personally.

    Speaking of R&B I’ve been meaning to ask you how your moto boots have held up in rain. I’m thinking of taking mine to Seattle in early November. I am planning to put some bottoms and have them water resistant sprayed first at the cobbler.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Hm.. good point.

      My moto boots have done fine in the rain. So far, no problem… I would put some water resistant spray on them though if you plan on being in rain a lot. I try to avoid rain in them but I have been caught a few times and I was fine.

  • GYM

    Thanks for the mention! Yes, I agree reselling your clothes can be humiliating! The consignment stores here can be pretty snobbish (I guess my run of the mill Banana Republic stuff just isn’t good enough, nor are my Via Spiga boots that I tried to sell!). I find eBay a bit difficult maybe because the stuff I want to sell isn’t that high end.

    I touched an Hermes bag this week, my friend told me she bought it for $8000 (!) I almost choked on my food when she said that as I had no idea Hermes bags cost that much. She said she’s had it for a few years and it looked immaculate.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I love how you say: “I touched a bag this week”…

      YES they are PRICEY. I own a pair of Hermès boots and I can tell you I have worn them down and they are still immaculate. I can see why someone paid.. what was it.. $4000 for them at retail? I bought mine dirt cheap at $500 and they look great.

  • Yet Another PF Blog

    Where do you sell? / Would you mind sharing your user handle? I’m in mindless internet clothes shopping mode and I think we are roughly the same size.

  • Steveark

    A friend told me he was at a church party where one of his wife’s friends was wearing an outfit that his wife had sold to a consignment shop. He was walking down a hall behind his wife, he thought, and gave her a playful pat on the rear. It was not his wife. Hilarious now, but not at the time!

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