Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where high-end designers like Balenciaga are trolling us, I’m sure.

Balenciaga may be trolling us with this $1100 leather version of their paper shopping bag (free) but the more amazing part is how they’ve all SOLD OUT. O_o

Minimalism and living light in your everyday life is quite an inspirational story if you’re interested at all in it.

I fell down the Balenciaga rabbit hole and this one is actually quite pretty.

If only all dating tips could be as concise and as clear as this 1865 dating ad of a man with good teeth and land, looking for a wife.

Selling your house isn’t just a transactional thing — it can be quite emotional.

Use these hostage negotiator tips to get that next salary raise or just manage your toddler. Some of the tips are the same ones as in parenting books, like repeating words back to them, radiating calm and saying “I’m sorry, that’s not going to happen” in a firm voice.

I need some luggage tags for my bags, and am currently obsessed with finding the right ones. So far, these ones look good and are fairly cheap.

I can understand if you’re “living on your own” but still on your parents’ cellphone plans if you make under $50,000 a year but if you’re like this girl making $95,000 a year, it’s time to cut the apron strings. I wonder if it is a Millennial thing, pretty much all of these money diary accounts have them mooching off their parents’ money SOMEHOW, no matter what they make as a salary — car insurance, cellphones, TV plans, etc. I guess I can’t relate as I don’t even have a cellphone of my own now (no data plan either), and I never went on any of my parents’ plans for anything after I left home at 19. Also, cellphones are DIRT CHEAP in the U.S. compared to what we pay here. Mind boggling, honestly.

I feel like I would love wearing a long cashmere duster like this one, but would it look too ‘house-robey’? Hmmm.. I’m seduced by seeing it on other women and loving the way it flows out behind them as they walk…. Maybe a shorter version like this one is better.

Any and all talk about money and relationships in particular are like catnip to me. I love this series: Not a Trophy Wife where extreme differences in salaries are explored in detail, such as one spouse earning minimum wage versus being with a One-Percenter.

Time to break out the BOOTS because it is AUTUMN!!!!!! <3 After all of these years, I can hands down, recommend these boots as the best, all-purpose pair, especially if you buy them half a size bigger and stick some Birkenstock half soles in them like I do, and I can walk for MILES.

I love this Obama-esque idea in theory of being a minimalist for clothing decisions and just having stuff that ALL works together no matter what, but that means less interesting, neutral, and/or plain garb so that it all fits and coordinates together. So… no. That won’t work for a clothes horse like me.

I am OBSESSED with this map print of Mark Ashkenazi’s. I sort of want it.. everywhere and on everything but it would be overkill. I did recently buy it in this iPad mini case though.

You really do learn something new everyday. This is how porcupines give birth without the baby quills stabbing their poor Mommy on the way out. Fascinating. And a real relief I am not a porcupine.

I have a ton of lipsticks and never wear them. I started breaking out my stash and making it a POINT to put something on my lips every day, and I am in love with this Revlon Pink Truffle lipstick one right now. It’s like my lips… but BETTER.

My partner and I have always wondered why men and women don’t compete against each other, and we are certain Serena Williams would crush her way to the top no matter what this idiot says. Have you seen her play? She is phenomenal, and winning while PREGNANT is no small feat. I could barely even get out of bed when I was 5 weeks in. Serena Williams is a QUEEN and this Vanity Fair cover & interview proves it. End of discussion. I also love the story of how she met Alexis Ohanian (Reddit co-founder).

Every time I get suckered into trying these sunglasses on in-store, I always think I look like Eugene Levy.

Wondering what career to choose that’ll pay the big bucks to clear that student debt? Here are 20 jobs that pay over $100,000 without competition. If I were about to start college, I’d look here first.

By the way…. this eyelash serum works. I was told today I had eyes like Bambi and I looked like I FINALLY slept (umm.. thanks?)


Revanche as always, with fantastic insight into hating or loving photos of yourself.


  • Tania

    Family plans are significantly cheaper per device than individual cell plans in the US. I have my parents on my plan for that reason, my BF does the same (we’re in our late 40s so our parents are seniors). That said she should at least be giving her folks some money for it or reciprocate with another expense.

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