Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where the minimum to crack the 1% is $476,006.00

(Bananas right?)

Household income calculators. Look into it, and browse around the site, PK has been knocking out income calculators and telling us how many millionaires there are in the U.S. .. when are you going to get some Canadian data, PK!?

If you have not heard, read and been individually accosted by me to BUY THIS MASCARA, you SHOULD. $5 and it is the best one I’ve ever tried. HOLY GRAIL.

By the way, it’s social media that determines fashion trends now. Did I tell you how I experimented with athleisure the other day when I went to yoga, Kardashian-style and didn’t completely hate it!? I wore these leggings, walked all the way to yoga and back wearing them and didn’t change before or after. It felt… very different. I felt a bit naked, and very exposed in a way.

I wore my James Perse cashmere cardigan out the other day and was so incredibly comforted by it. It was like wearing a huge hug.

When it’s time for someone (or for you) to retire, do it your own way. This is how Tim did it and by the way, he is OFFICIALLY retired … his last day of work felt like this. For my retirement, for the record, I plan on telling NO ONE. This is very easy as I will be a freelancer and will just quietly stop working. No grand fanfare, not announcing it, not making anyone jealous, and I never want to close a door on it because I could end up going back to work out of sheer boredom. When will I retire? No idea. Sort of love working.

I HATE the Banana Republic merino wools. Officially they suck, but their silk & cashmere crews are very comfortable and not at all itchy, and their cashmere is surprisingly wonderful for the price point.

What some people wore to an interview with Anna Wintour.

Is this pencil case for real? $235? FOR WHAT EXACTLY?


I’m being SUPER PICKY about what is going on my walls. I want something from Little Bun. Or one of my photographs. Or some generic world map… ARRGH I CANNOT DECIDE. This map for only $39 looks quite pretty and minimalist though.

Also, this is what being a food critic is like today.

I lost out on this watch, and am still eying it. I can’t decide if I would ever really wear grey though.. but that rose gold!…. <3

What do you think about this? Stop posting baby photos on Facebook…..and expecting people to like them. My take: I post photos of Little Bun but never expect anything in return. It’s for people I don’t see often who want to see him and get updates. The younger ones, show the older ones on their phones or laptops the newest shots and my work is done, spreading the Little Bun Love.

I know this is just a glorified fanny pack, but… man I am considering one seriously. This one from Stella & Dot looks very chic. And practical.

How eco-friendly-Maria-of-The-Sound-of-Music is this? Making jackets out of curtains? Wonder how much they’ll go for.

However many years and counting, these boots still look, feel and are amazing on my feet. Well worth it. Buy ONE good pair and take care of it.


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