Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where I find out where all my online returns go…

DUDE. Marie Kondo + Cuyana? What is this world coming to!? This Marie Kondo is becoming an all-star, y’all. She even did a bit with Kristen Bell on Momsplaining….

I am not into ties or ruffles or bows, but for some reason this navy trench with ties around the wrist is looking very appealing… albeit trendy.

My mother bought this abacus for Little Bun and he loves it. Not sure if he really uses it to count, but it is fun anyway.

I speak French at work pretty much 90% of the time, so I don’t think I use these career-crushing language crutches any longer, to be honest. I never say “sorry”, or “I think”….

This is why it is so hard for clothing retailers to pay a living wage. Also, consumers like us in general don’t want to (or can’t afford to) pay more. It’s both sides, really.

I love this striped woven tote for summer or the beach. Or just shopping at the market. Or this one, with a very whimsical quote.. topped with this panama hat of course. With any dress or coverup over your swimsuit, you’d be good to go with a pair of polarized sunglasses (these Ray-Bans are my fave), and some wedge sandals.

It’s not just people who are reselling items, all of our returned items get resold as well by retailers. Eye-popping. I had no idea what they did with our $90 billion dollars worth of returns.

I’m really getting into pencil skirts lately. High-waisted one with t-shirts knotted or blouses tucked in, so this classic wool black one called out to me.

I don’t own a rug (yet), but my partner wants one to warm up the apartment. I’m leaving him to hunt for the perfect handwoven rug, but apparently expensive rugs are going out of style amongst the uber rich crowd.

I LOVED this article on a celebrity accountant who has to keep famous (and wanna-be-famous) people in line, mostly Americans (truth be told). Predictably, these folks don’t think about retirement, think they’ll be rich and famous forever and can’t cut back on spending when times get rough. A really good read.

One of my fave quotes:

“We try to rein them in. We go, “Do you really need a custom-made suit of armor for $50,000 that you’ll never wear?” “Do you really need to take care of the apartments and all the expenses of six different women in six different cities?” Things like that.”


Celebrities are just like us, except with way bigger spending habits.

I feel like I have an affinity for foxes for some reason.. I love this fox rug.

NSFW. If you love elephants, please, never ever go on an elephant ride when you go abroad or at all. They are tortured, starved, taken away from their mothers as babies and forced to be slaves for our enjoyment. It is so sick, I cried while reading the article. Visit an Elephant Sanctuary instead.

The best business boss mug for anyone in your life.


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