Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where rich Chinese immigrants are shaping Australia


I loved being nosy and devouring this article about the uber, freakin’ rich Chinese immigrants basically shaping Australia and driving an economic boom there for houses, shopping, and plastic surgery. I subscribe to the “keep your head down and don’t show off” philosophy most of the time, but I can understand the guilty pull of finally wanting to enjoy your money (e.g. like when I recently bought my car), and it makes me think — well, it is their money…… not yours…

Still totally obsessed with the idea of getting these skinny moto leggings for only $25 to test the waters (or not, I am conflicted by obviously)… how cool would they be with some short booties and a long shirt?! OMG. AM I TURNING INTO AN OLSEN TWIN?…. O_o

Do you travel a lot? This is how to eat healthy while on the go in airports.

WHOA. These collared wrap dresses from DvF are very springtime & appealing…

They only look casual, but a lot of thought goes into these “thrown together” looks… I KNEW IT. I spend JUST AS MUCH TIME crafting a casual but comfortable outfit, so there is no way these celebs are just throwing on any old thing.

I wish I had more wall space. I’d buy stuff like this city constellation map of my favourite cities in the world – London, Montreal, Hong Kong, Toronto, Paris…

Who doesn’t love 5 cheap-ish things to improve your life immensely?

I like the casual yet tailored wrap coat effect this knitted jacket has.

Elon Musk, he of rocket ship and electric car fame, wore spike heels and chains to this alleged sex party…..JUICY. I suspect this will be my most clicked on link 🙂

Still eying this red skirt. Still can’t decide if I should buy it… *struggles internally*


YAY! ADINA IS BLOGGING AGAIN!.. and I really got inspired by her bag rehab. I didn’t know they made fabric markers.

I am trying to look for a hairclip that is both not juvenile in its style, classy, chic, too bride-y, and minimalist. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently. I did manage to hunt down this slim, minimalist circle hair clip…..




Thanks to Rogue Dad MD for linking to my post about how dressing up plays into my ambitions.


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