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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where your gut bacteria determines how fat or slim you are

Seriously! This blew my mind — apparently it’s your gut bacteria (microbiome), perhaps, along with your lifestyle and food intake that also determines how fat or slim you are. It’s not just metabolism…

I got this Bobbie Brown lip tint for free and it is such a soft, pretty colour…

A recipe to try for vegetable burgers in bulk, and then frozen for later… and I want to try these chickpea cutlets. They sound YUMMY.

A black turtleneck that is more than just a plain turtleneck, it has kind of cute cutouts on the shoulders that show some skin without showing too much skin.

Don’t make enough money? You may recognize one (or all) of these 4 traits in yourself as the reason why you can’t get ahead. I find this particularly seems to affect women who are far more likely to suffer from Imposter Syndrome. For some inspiration, an oldie but a goodie — how I negotiated a $30,000 increase in my job offer.

I still love every time I wrap this long blanket cashmere scarf around my neck, and feel super cosy and chic.

Fake bags are really hard to spot these days from the designers…especially if the factory where they’re doing the fake, is the same one as the authentic!

This pair of cockpit sunglasses are still my go-tos. They don’t touch my cheeks (to cause acne), and they sit perfectly on my nose.

If you start out in a relationship making very little or no money at all, and then suddenly BOOM start pulling in 6-figures, you have double the odds of getting divorced because of your promotion. Scary. It doesn’t work the other way though, if men make nothing and then suddenly start making cheddar, they become even more desirable.

The perfect city coordinates necklace…I am tempted to buy one.

Guys.. this is totally #RichPeopleProblems — there’s an Upper East Side Manhattan turf war breaking out over which restaurant to go to now. Honestly..? It’s a bit like being back in high school again, where you had cliques. *shudder*

I’ve always toyed with the idea of wanting to wear a two-in-one sweater and tailored shirt like this, but is that “trendy”..?

Hilarious Chrissy Teigen giving dating advice. ALL THE LOLZ.

I really, really love this lace dress from Self Portrait but cannot pull it off (straps are too skinny for my shoulders)

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