Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where Bea Johnson is coming for your garbage. Zero waste, folks!

If Marie Kondo is coming for clutter, Bea Johnson is coming for your garbage. Specifically, to aim for zero waste. A very VERY interesting read.

Aurélie Bidermann makes the most beautiful lace bangles. My dream would be to find her pieces secondhand at a price point I can afford. Like under $100. Is that too much to ask? Probably.

A Q&A with the costume designer for Crazy Rich Asians.. I wished for WAY more fashion in this show, especially from Astrid, but hey, I took what I could get and loved what transpired.

Natori also makes beautiful cuffs, and this one would make me feel very much like Wonder Woman. The only thing is AGAIN, the price!

By the way, this is why if you are wondering why are all the big fashion labels looking all the same these days. I am a bit of a very very tiny font geek, and I really like reading up about marketing, branding, and why companies do what they do. But in going so neutral in their font choice, they risk all looking the same and blending into each other, frankly.

I think Ann Taylor is taking inspiration from MM Lafleur, because this Lapel Belted Grey Dress much more affordable dress looks so much like the Catherine 2.0 that I own and love..

How to be a better online shopper. (Like I need tips or enabling….) But still! A good read. I am trying not to absorb these lessons because it would make me want to browse and shop more. LOL … I already sort of do some of those tricks, like buy in a larger size. That’s how I scored my amazing $4000 USD YSL resort paint splattered dress for only $100. I bought in a YSL Size 10, but it turned out to fit me just a smidge loosely, but almost perfectly.

Oh, and this white shift dress with a tie in front has my name on it. Anything white, basically, is my go-to colour as a neutral. That, and navy.

Also, what’s the big deal with wearing things you love that are loud and gauche, but interesting? Being so classic all the time in a black wool coat would be boring AF.

I am not normally a fan of animal printed anything, but these Jessica Simpson Leopard tie block heels look very feminine and chic. I find her shoes extremely comfortable for the price point, and I am amazed at how well made they are.

Who knew? The girl can sing AND design great shoes. She has done something other celebrities have tried many times and failed at — Sarah Jessica Parker, even Karl Lagerfeld don’t hold a candle to Jessica Simpson for me, in terms of quality.

I wonder how much of a hand she has in designing / testing them out.

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