Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: #SuperSizeTheLook #YesPlease

I am loving the Instagram #supersizethelook because sometimes I feel like the second look (supersized) looks better than the original… although in this version above, I love both of them. It ALMOST, ALMOST makes me want to buy a denim shirt now, but I could just wear any other shirt and unbutton it to Scandalous.

I just picked up this gorgeous Cloth & Stone chambray shirt from Anthropologie JUST BECAUSE OF THIS SHOT ABOVE. How crazy is that. Also, I had a credit of about $105 to use, so I only paid less than $20 for the shirt. I have everything in this outfit down to the coat.

Handbags – How to protect your investment by taking care of it.

I am basically living off this DryBar Dry Shampoo for Brunettes. It is my saviour in between days where I am trying to prolong hair washing (it is starting to dry out my scalp, over washing it). My hair actually DOES look clean after I apply it. The only downside is my fingers are all stained brown if I am not careful, and I have to remember to NOT TOUCH MY HAIR.

On the topic of those money wunderkinds who pen articles like: “I retired at 32” or “I saved $100K on a $30K salary”…. this article sort of hit home a little with me (ouch.. I am one of those who could retire at least by 50 if not earlier if I can curb my spending), but I didn’t have uber-rich (grand)/parents, although I did have parents who were at least squarely middle-class. I didn’t have to climb far to make it, or think about where I was going to get my next meal so to speak. What do we think?

I am really digging these $138 pointed heels with a chunky block heel. Stability and sexiness all in one.

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