Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: What’s your money worth? .. and dollar store items have off the chart toxic levels


This is an excellent interactive chart about inflation over time and how it affects your income.


The buttons, and the double-breasted style with thick cuffs on this sweater are divine. It would be such a cosy yet work appropriate sweater.

3. POV

POV = Point of View

A different point of view to consider – being a Muslim teenager. I really enjoyed listening to them speak, and navigate the rather tricky world of being a teenager, and a Muslim on top of it. Their fears and worries are so relatable.

4. PROCESSED in food processor, that is. I picked up this Braun food processor and so far, am loving how it is able to do so much more than a blender (two completely different functions!) I am also told that it lasts a very very long time and is well made.


Dollar store products are regularly found to be toxic. Even on basic items like headphones, the levels were off the charts. Imagine buying toys for babies or children there, and they put them in their mouths? O_o

It also brings up the question of how we are treating those with lower incomes. If the dollar stores are their only source of affordable products, why are we allowing things with toxic levels beyond what is acceptable, to be sold to them?


I switched from Kobo to this Kindle and I am SO HAPPY WITH IT. It has buttons, it has a big screen you can fix the brightness and light on. A few things I do not love are the fact that I cannot easily filter what I am currently reading, as I load a lot of books on there for both Little Bun and myself. It would be nice to be able to do this. Aside from that, it is LEAGUES above the Kobo. I will never go back.

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