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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: What the expiration dates on makeup products are

Expiration dates of makeup – do you still have things from high school? I did. Don’t worry, they are in the garbage now. I will say that once I see something separate or gloop or look or smell different, yes it goes into the garbage. Otherwise…. *shrug*

My friend raves about the Fenty Liquid eyeliner and after I work through my stash, I am going to pick one up.

Live your life in 20 minutes. Take 20 minutes out from your day, set a timer, and accomplish something. I really like this advice because it gives you a set start and end time, and it makes you refocus.

I tried this new Zoya natural 5-Toxin-Free nailpolish on my toes and so far, it is lasting longer than I expected it to! Plus it is 5-free. Did you know that our nails are PORUS and accept chemicals that we paint on them? O_o … I may buy a few colours and ask my nail salon to use it instead of Essie.

Do collagen supplements actually work? I am not sold on the powders or pills that contain actual collagen, but I do take BioSil by Natural Factors that forces your body to create collagen, which is a different thing altogether. How do I know it works? Well, I stopped taking BioSil regularly and noticed my skin had less of a glow, my hair was slightly limp and not as full, and my JOINTS. I could FEEL IT in my joints. My knee cracks a bit more with the extra collagen in it, and when I stop Biosil, I feel the difference.

All about maternity leave in Canada. As an independent, I didn’t get maternity leave because I wasn’t on EI (Employment Insurance) because once you opt in you can never opt out and only if you have 3 kids, does it make financial sense to go on EI. So I find it interesting how employee maternity benefits work…

A super cool, sexy, rocker black lace cuff from Stella and Dot. Oh be still my heart!

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