Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.

What I liked this week:

This heirloom tomato tart looks incredible and is vegetarian.

Look at how beautiful all the colours are!!!!

  • Having lived in the U.S. and knowing what it was like to be seen as “Other” (that is, NOT American), I can sympathize with those who go through similar treatment. This young lady is being denied the chance to study there simply because she’s an orphan with a mother who was murdered when she was 3 and a father who died when she was 7. Please take the chance to read the story, and consider signing the petition to let her study.
  • I love how beautiful this embroidered sequin summer sun hat is but the price tag makes me sad. It’s a favourite of bloggers but.. whoa.
  • The most iconic black dresses on the silver screen; my favourite being Grace Kelly’s.
  • Speaking of dresses, this one looks so comfortable with a gorgeous waist knot to give some curves.
  • What childfree people want you to know. I support, applaud and encourage women & men to not have children if they don’t want to, and I appreciate that having Baby Bun means it costs the world something in another human being living.  Having kids is a life choice, just as not having kids is one. Just a choice. No judgement and I can tell you Baby Bun is no picnic all the time. He is great, but he can be really really exhausting, as my dark under eye bags that have now morphed into full-scale luggage trunks… can attest to.
  • This is the PERFECT work bag, I just wish it wasn’t $2500. Here’s a more affordable version, and I should note that even though I am not really on board with bucket bags, this one looks great or in taupe.
  • Our narcissism is never more evident than in our vacation selfies.
  • If it’s wrong to lust after some cargo leggings, I’m happy to be wrong!!!!
  • An excellent view of women and finances in all its aspects.
  • I really love these matte lip stains, but their cheek stains are pretty killer as well.
  • Why Final Sales at clothing retailers are a scam. Tell me about it. I avoid buying anything that says FINAL SALE.
  • It is surprising but I found that my short leather boots are very versatile with skirts or pants, and this navy leather style is cute too.
  • How to find your signature style. I think mine is all over the place, but “masculine femininity with a twist” à la Stella McCartney is really my jam. I am not into florals, fluffy things, ruffles.. but I will wear them if they’re bold & usually with a tweed jacket or leather pants let’s say.
  • This wedge heel is incredible, it’s also a nice dove grey neutral and looks very comfortable.
  • This is a fantastic video. Touching and exactly what we should all be doing on a daily basis.


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