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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Should you merge your money with your spouse?


I am 50/50 with my partner, with totally separate accounts. We don’t even have a joint account together, so I found this article interesting, discussing about if couples should merge their finances or not.

I have felt zero need to because I like having my own money, and tracking it separately from his, but also … I find it easier to have control over my investments. I may not agree with what he wants to do, and should I have to fight with him about what to do with my half of the money? Methinks not.

Maybe it’s more work, but I am used to it, and it’s what works for us. What I do not like, is people saying we are headed to split up when we do this (sorry, over a decade and counting now), and that we are acting like roommates. It’s just utter nonsense and frankly, rather insulting that people think they have a right to judge and tell you how to handle your money, particularly since you are doing just fine.

You do what’s best for you – merged, not merged, half merged… whatever works that is fair for both of you.


I have switched over to these silk scrunchies to stop my hair from breaking. Any little bit helps. I have not ruled out sleeping on silk pillowcases either.


These vintage jewellery brands sell for thousands of dollars. So if you find them.. snap them up, and thank me. LOL


Probably the most comfortable pair of sneakers I own are these ones made by Ecco. I know they don’t look as cute as Converse or any of the other brands out there, but they are very comfortable, and that’s all that matters when I am walking. Plus, they look great and come in various colours.


Yes yes.. Vegan croissants are a THING now in France. I really want to try all the pastries in their vegan form there, it’s on my list to do. I actually prefer vegan desserts most of the time when they’re done well. I find buttery items a little greasy these days.


This Banana Republic ring is very reminiscent of the YSL Arty ones that were all the rage in 2009! It has less stones, but at least they’re real stones (the YSL ones were resin), and it is beautiful.

This is also another variation on the YSL Arty ring that is in silver and moonstone.


No.. seriously, this 13-year old genius by the name of Alena Analeigh Wicker just got accepted into medical school. AMAZING.


The colour of this Lululemon dress is STUNNING. Plus it looks very comfortable, and yet chic enough for stilettos.

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