Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Are the Gen Z TikTok moms having a better time of it all?


These Gen Z moms are working hard at keeping it light. I read the entire article, and I GET IT. People want to see how other people live their lives, all the good, the bad.. because then they think – they’re just like me; rather than having an aspiring idol to look up to, an image of a celebrity that actually isn’t realistic because it doesn’t exist. Being a mom is not easy, no matter your age, or generation. At least they’re showing it.


If you are short on kitchen space like I am, having this stove top cover in wood comes in VERY HANDY. You can just put it over your stove and voilà, extra prep space appears.


Workplaces after the panini, have totally changed in terms of dressing. You go from wearing a suit to the office, to wearing sweatpants and a blouse at home … let’s face it, the lines between loungewear and workwear have blurred. So I found this article about power casual dressing quite interesting. I very much like to be comfortable in workwear, even before the panini, but I love that it’s becoming a sort of trend to be dressed up but not too formal – which is the way I dress IRL, anyway!


If you can fit a bench, you can fit this very handy entryway organizer. You can hang items, put shoes, and even have a section to be able to sit.


This article on homebuyers sharing their horror stories, has given me chills. At least I can try and avoid these issues in the future if we decide to move. I hope it helps others too!  I liked this one:

“If you find that the seller or seller’s agent is being dodgy with certain questions, your insurance agent can run a claim history report on the home to see what claims have been made against it. Sellers are hardly forthcoming with info, but if there are multiple water issues, for instance, you can walk away because it may be ongoing.”

This one was also good:

“Take a small ball (tennis ball, golf ball, whatever) with you when you go to see a house, especially if it’s an older one. Put it on the floor and see if it rolls. You will feel very silly, but it’s much better than having to spend tens of thousands to level floors you didn’t notice were slightly sloped before you can do anything else to your home. This advice is from the person who did *not* bring a ball.”


I love this Tic Tac Toe toilet roll holder SO MUCH. You can hide the toilet paper in plain sight, with a fun detail / decoration to boot.


These are items you should not ever order at a restaurant. You’re welcome.


Want affordable leggings that aren’t pricey Lululemon ones? These Zella ones are excellent, and have lasted a few years and going strong. They come in crop, 7/8 and long versions.

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