Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Luxury cars won’t make you happier


Here’s a study about how frugal car owners aren’t any less unhappy than luxury car owners. Long story short – if you value money more in the bank, than you do a possession, this tracks. If you are already frugal, you are already happy not spending the money, than spending it.

2. SPF

I am a fiend about SPF and wearing it. It is the #1 thing you can do for your skin to stop it from getting skin cancer, keeping it even-toned, and reducing any signs of ageing…. so I picked up this SPF camera mirror compact so that I can check to make sure I didn’t miss any spots, but to also check during the day if I need to reapply! I got it, and it works pretty well.

I can see when sunscreen is on, it is like I smeared black paint on my face. Without sunscreen, I can see all the spots and sun damage…!


Londoner solves the 20,000 Ice Age drawings. Very cool. It is neat how normies puzzle over something and help specialists in the end.


How gorgeous is this beautiful hammered copper bowl? Just stunning!


Why prenups are important. Women, please read. I am a huge fan of prenups, not just for splitting assets, but for what happens after, and what you are entitled to so that it is fair, and clearly laid out. A marriage is a pretty vague contract “Forever, ’til death do us part”, and it is a very romantic, nice sentiment… but it doesn’t tell you who gets the children, for what periods, how holidays are split, how assets are divided – brought into the marriage, before or after… etc.

Something clearer, is not unromantic. We need to dispel this motion that prenups or postnups are not romantic. This is protecting yourself so that you are happy in the relationship and it is fair to everyone if it happens to end, which I VERY MUCH HOPE IT DOES NOT.


I love a good blazer. Especially when it is a jersey knit and very comfortable like this one.

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