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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Sheet masks are a scam

Sheet masks for your face are a scam — I knew it. It just makes you feel good but doesn’t actually benefit your skin in any way.

What actually works? I have found that Paula’s Choice is the best skincare brand and line …. I especially love her BHA 2% liquid, her AHA 8% lotion, the Niacinamide serum and Brightening Essence.

Are Americans feeling on track for retirement?… I know I feel like I am on track, but many people don’t feel like they are. I think the prevailing nugget of wisdom that saving 10% is sufficient but it really isn’t, actually. I feel like 20% or 25% is more what is required, and you have to start ASAP. You really can’t wait for this stuff because compounding interest is your friend in this case.

I am starting to lust for these moto leggings… in faux leather. But they are probably too trendy for the price (secondhand?) and I may not wear them as often as I think. I already have awesome The Row leather leggings... and I think I love these Halogen seamed leggings..

So I am voyeuristic, sue me. Lucy Liu’s son Rockwell has an incredible bedroom…

Of course, the ONE turtleneck I think looks fantastic in cashmere, has to be super expensive and from The Row. Those twins are dang good designers.

I have read the biography called The Richest Woman in America of Hetty Green the “Witch of Wall Street” (unflattering but probably what they would still call women who are traders today), and was pleased to see a short IG post honouring herHetty put her money in railroads, real estate, and Civil War bonds. By the time of her own death in 1916, her investments had grown to $100 million ($2.3 billion today).. She was a BOSS.

Little Bun is OBSESSED with this Times Table Book. Even if you think it is too advanced for their age, they love opening the flaps, the colours, the pictures.. it is all a lot of fun.

All about Single Mom (or Dad) Finances – this is the hardest job. Doing it as a half of a parental unit is hard, doing it all alone and shouldering it all alone is hard AF.

These $39 USD jeans look very close to the AG jeans I love. And the name sounds promising – Butter Jeans…

And it was a great Canadian money roundup on Mark’s site the other day (not only because my post on the average net worth of a Canadian made it), but for us Canadians, it has some tips and tricks on saving more and becoming wealthier.

If you want more tips and tricks on starting the money New Year off right, Gen Y Money is one of my faves to follow.


  • GYM

    Thank you so much for the mention!! <3 I didn’t even know Lucy Liu had a son! Going to go voyeur now- great links!

  • Clo

    Read the Hetty Green book and was fascinated by this value-investing woman who was ahead of her time. At the same time, her stinginess was pathological. Having cut corners on healthcare and too often lived in substandard housing, I’ll never do it again unless I can’t avoid it.

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