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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: How one janitor made $276K a year

Seriously. This Bay Area janitor made $276K a year…. and this is his THIRD time in a row doing it. I mean, he basically didn’t do anything but work ,but if you really want to make bank and you don’t have a degree or a great job, but you do have overtime available to you — this is the way to go about it. O_o


This Alice and Olivia Poppy Garden Emerald skirt is wild, crazy and sort of extremely attractive to me. I mean the price tag isn’t but I would keep an eye out for it secondhand.

Speaking of high-paying blue collar jobs, firefighters also make some serious money, with the top 10% earning $121K but topping out at $400K with overtime. FOUR HUNDRED K. And who says it doesn’t pay? Then again, their job is extremely dangerous if they are called into the line of duty. I don’t envy that money, and much respect to those who sign up for that.

I wrote a book – Managing Money Like a Boss – and the style is Instagrammy. Lots of visuals!

Loved this post on how to raise a feminist son. I really think the word ‘feminist’ gets a bad rap, the way ‘frugal’ does.

People just associate it with one mental image – militant, angry women, who by the way I am not saying do not exist, but I am most definitely a feminist and I am not like that. I want men and women to be treated equally. Period. I also think the word starting with “fem” probably starts a mental association where you are immediately biased in thinking it is only meant for women to assert and identify themselves as such.

My friend bought this Instant Pot and she is obsessed with it. She just made yoghurt in it the other day and it blew her mind.

I love this video by Christie Ressel on how to INSTANTLY look put together. She is totally right on the money by the way, I do all of the things she says in the vide. Video below.

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