Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Eyeglass frames are marked up 1000%

Ever wondered why eyeglasses are so damn expensive? A good pair of frames costs $300 or more. And guess what? Those eyeglass frame markups are 1000 percent more than their actual cost which are in the dollars….

I finally realized I should put a privacy filter on my phone because I use it so often now, even for banking that it seems weird not to be protective of my passwords and data. So I picked up this 3M Privacy Filter, installed it, and could not be happier. It comes with a little bubble-smoothing card, a lint removing cloth and instructions.

Did you catch my Millionaires Unveiled podcast? I rarely do these things. I am episode 105 below.

Why are we so obsessed with what other people are doing? Schedules, rituals.. we like to know what other people have as To Dos, and goals.. it is becoming a THING.

I have these Tagalong pouches with a rose gold trim and find them very useful as they are see-through and good for small things, or receipts.

Zero Inbox is something I don’t struggle with (I hate seeing email clutter), but this article on the 3 tips on how to achieve it is a good start for those of you who want to get there.

If you have a dashcam, this is a PSA to PLEASE BUY THE RIGHT CARD FOR IT. I went through 3 cards before I realized that this Sandisk microSD card is MEANT for dashcam recordings. It would have saved me so many returns and headaches with these cards if I just bought the right one to begin with. It is super tiny and perfect.

This act of kindness video, made me cry good tears. I am in love with the kindness and love of these kids. I want to see more of this, and I love that people are reaching out to show how great you can be when you care. I also love the celebrity reaction. 

I own this MM Lafleur Minetta skirt in so many colours and it goes with everything. EVERYTHING.

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