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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: This medical student with a rare disease saved his own life

This is one of the most inspiring, impressive stories I have read in a long time. Medical student Fajgenbaum was a medical student dying of a rare disease. Just before his deathbed, he found his own cure.

I got myself a velvet robe but it is more of a style thing for when I go out and want something boho chic, but for the home, I am very close to picking up this Sherpa robe because it looks so cuddly and cosy.

Here is a woman’s guide to Salary Negotiation – I basically negotiate every single contract I sign, so these tips are very helpful and exactly what I keep repeating to do. Assert yourself.

Who cares if they don’t like you or think you’re a tough b*tch? You can be a badass and still be a kind, generous soul who is fair and wonderful — the difference is you’re not a doormat / pushover and you won’t take crap. I’ll take that any day over being seen as a doormat.

I am really wary of ordering clothes off Amazon, but a friend alerted me to these leggings being AMAZING for the price point. I don’t need leggings, so I am fine but if you do, check them out. She says 5 stars.

I loved re-reading the history of high heels even though I already read it many times before. Until the 17th century, men who the ones who wore them for practical purposes but gave them up once it became feminized *eye roll*. LOL.. I also don’t wear heels 24/7 and my maximum comfortable height is 3.25″ or 90mm.

I wear mostly flats, and heels at work where I know I will be sitting down for much longer periods of time, and not constantly walking/running errands.

Instagrammers and bloggers wearing 4″ heels and “just out for errands today with my rambunctious toddler” are unrealistic goals and complete fabrications. I am certain they take a picture with those heels with nary a strap to hold your foot in place properly, and then switch to flats ASAP. Don’t get me wrong, I love the looks, I just think they’re bananas if they do it for real.

My favourite pads for the back of all shoes by the way, were Dr. Scholl’s but they discontinued them (I bought a huge stock), and then found later that Foot Petals has a similar grippy cushion that isn’t blister-y (the rough suede fabric ones tore up my heel), or too slippery (the gel ones are terrible).


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