Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Immigrant workers who leave their families behind to take care of other families’ kids

I love Jane’s mix of red white and blue here, and now can almost see myself pulling off a red blazer…

These ballet flats are quite pretty in an embossed snake.

What should you NEVER order at a restaurant? Gordon Ramsay tells you the truth.

I still after all this time, love this lamp. It’s so pretty like flower petals in a flower ball from the ceiling.

This is the real side of parenting, having poo splattered all over your walls and your child.

This painted necklace is gorgeous and ON SALE. You can DIY the same style here the way I did.

I love the whole post of seeing Option C through the eyes of a child, and by the way, her updates on Juggerbaby are very insightful and frighteningly true.

Love this ombre, pleated, flowy, pretty and stylishly chic skirt.

These navy blue Cole Haan pointed skimmer flats (wtf is “skimmer flat” anyway?) look very comfortable and appealing for under $100. The brand is super comfortable, and I am keeping an eye on their sales.

Oh this pencil skirt in an Impressionist style is absolutely the kind of thing I am drawn to. Addicted.

10 ways to make your boss think you’re a superstar. I don’t love the come-in-early-stay-late crap they’re touting in the article, but the rest sounds good and very reasonable.

The colour of this trench coat is GORGEOUS. Magenta, deep, gorgeous, rosy…

Investing, is really, truly, a magic money machine. Couldn’t agree more. AND, what makes it worse is that investing is super easy to do and fast.

This is my signature flat style — a feminine pointed loafer and only $60.

The life of an immigrant worker who sacrifices her whole life to take care of others. I see lots of these workers taking care of kids here, and I always wonder if they have children they miss. It makes me sad every time I learn their story.

These leopard print flats are on my list to buy. I feel like they’re a neutral but I don’t own a single animal printed piece, so I am nervous about the whole thing…


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