Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: A look into how cults make money

…. and this is how cults make money. I am fascinated.

My friend is obsessed with these Sam Edelman Penny Boots — she calls them the Fryes on a budget.

This Reddit post on how this bride wanted people to pay for her to be a “normal” Kardashian for her Wedding Day is….. unreal. It was not at all unreasonable to ask EACH GUEST to pony up $1500 to make this happen. NOT. AT. ALL. UNREASONABLE. /sarcasm

I am (as of late), obsessed with turtlenecks of all kinds — cable knitted, with balloon sleeves, cropped, and super thin, so it comes as no surprise that I am yet again, looking at this cute under $40 John & Jenn turtleneck as being a good all-rounder.

I loved reading these 11 Surprising Things about Parenting in South Africa…. Trevor Noah, one of my favourite all-time celebrities, is from there and it is nice to gain a little (honest) insight into what it is like living there as a bi-racial couple. (Trevor is also half!)

I bought this $20 Wireless Charging Pad and it has changed my life. I no longer fiddle with cables and it is WONDERFUL.

How society keeps telling women to basically… shut up... and to not speak in a manner that is normal for them.

I HIGHLY recommend this neck pillow from Maiza Designs on Etsy. I bought one for Little Bun and another for myself.

All about the pressure that we get as women to always ‘look good’… I kind of do it for myself, but I also don’t fuss with my looks for photos if I don’t have time. I just let it go and it is as it is.

Little Bun pleaded (hassled, more like) for this My First Coding Book because he liked the pictures.


  • SATAHn

    The looking good post was interesting. I don’t habitually wear make up (though did for my last contract, but I mean BB cream not foundation, light make up). I have certain clothes I don’t want to wear in public, but just yesterday wore to my parents cause their home is like my home. I was invited to a friends on the way home
    And my excuse was my clothing. It was also late though.

    I also wash my hair every day cause the greasy look I just can’t handle! On the other side, I’d feel indulgent and vain and horrid if i spent an hour getting made up with a friend or partner waiting. Not that I know how to take that long!

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I would also feel indulgent keeping a friend or partner waiting for an hour while I got ready.

      I get ready in 15 minutes or less. I have to be quick, having learned that from handling Little Bun. The only non-negotiable is I need to have sunscreen slathered on my face and backs of my hands before I leave the house. Everything else is — whatever. Just a top and jeans is fine if I am in a rush.

      Then I throw on some lipstick to feel somewhat presentable, and voila. 🙂

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