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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Why Millennials are choosing prenups these days

Why they are choosing prenups these days, and perspectives from different individuals.

My favourite brand of hats for children is Tirigolo, made in Quebec. Little Bun loves his, but he recently (or I) lost it, so I ordered another one. The only catch is the website is in French, so you may need to use Google Translate, but other than that, their shipping is super reasonable ($2.50!)

Well well well. This comes to no one, least of all me as a surprise that women were once the only ones programming computers. Why?¬†It hadn’t become a high status job yet. MAJOR EYE ROLL.

I have one last bottle of John Masters Organics to go through, but then I am switching 100% to these shampoo bars. I buy mine locally at La Mistinguette in Verdun (under $10 and it lasts SO LONG), but there are plenty of natural shampoo bar options everywhere. The lack of packaging, the lack of plastic, and that it is natural is what I look for.

I really don’t like Lush cosmetics, their stuff makes me nauseous (too much perfume), are fun, but are full of dye, and chemicals like SLS, etc. It is why I look for natural shampoo bars that have shikai, arrowroot and NATURAL ingredients to wash my hair. I tried the one I mentioned locally, and it cleaned my hair so well and did not melt in my hands. I had to use water to lather it up, but it worked super well. <3

I wrote about this just a few weeks ago, about how jobs that are invisible are delegated to women, and only the high-status ones are taken over and dominated by men, then they change the locks, throw away the keys, put up a glass ceiling and shut women out on the basis that they have different body parts.

These $99 Seychelles Plateau flats with the cute ankle strap and pointed toe are just freakin’ adorable and perfect transition flats for summer to autumn.

You do not need to turn your hobbies into a side hustle. I mean, I wrote three books, and am working on a fourth (see my new Amazon Author Page)! My blogging involved into one, but I also make jewellery which I do not sell. I gift it, but mostly, I wear it, and then write tutorials on how to do it — like Upcycling these Drusy Pendants into Rings… which look FAR MORE LUXE than their price tags.

I just discovered Anna Beck, and her jewellery – especially this hammered band for $195 is truly a work of art.

I definitely do this – when I feel like I am overwhelmed and I have too much to get done, I brain dump onto my To Do app (not paper, I so rarely use paper and pens/pencils these days), and get everything I need to get done, down on paper. It helps clear my brain.

If you’re looking for a classic wear-anywhere dress, you can’t get better than this belted Ann Taylor Boatneck Sweater dress. It’s perfect, with sleeves for those chilly conference rooms, with subtle balloon sleeves (OBSESSED) and a belt. Plus it is comfortable – it’s a SWEATER DRESS that doesn’t look like a pair of pyjamas.

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