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Ask Sherry: Yoga, Hair Dye and Fun Websites

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I remember you mentioning that you did yoga. What kind of yoga do you do and how often do you do it?

I don’t do the hot yoga, I do that power yoga stuff — Vinyasa — with a lot of movement, energetic, and a workout, rather than just calm meditating, holding poses and breathing. I like the aerobic aspect of it.

I want to sweat at the end of it.

Be dripping completely in sweat, stretched out and feeling limber and loose.

I know hot yoga can help you achieve this, but I really don’t like being hot for no reason and if I get overheated, I get very dizzy and throw up. Not cool. I’d rather get warm and sweaty from my own exercising.

What are some websites I can read that are fun but don’t tempt me with shopping? I used to be addicted to online shopping and I am trying to replace my daily shop sites with other websites that are just fun to read. Like yours! But I need more.

Oh lawd ….  I can recommend other blogs I enjoy reading, but I cannot say for certain if they will make you want to shop or not. *hides*

If you are talking about style blogs in general, I really enjoy:

  • Blue Collar Red Lipstick (Adina is a doll and enables you but with THRIFTED secondhand pieces which is <3)
  • Invincible Summer (I love Xin’s thoughtful style posts and updates)
  • The Luxe Strategist (she does some style, credit cards, home decor, travel hacking, points, etc.. stuff I don’t necessarily cover)

If you like my Week of Money posts, I suggest:

  • Neurosciency (she does Week of Money posts too)
  • Gen Y Money (she does them on occasion, but she is way more money/finance than I am)..

I hope these help satiate your desire 🙂 .. and THANK YOU for being such a kind reader. <3

Could you recommend a high-quality hair dye?

I don’t dye my hair … yet. I actually haven’t decided if I will dye my hair to be honest, I am torn between this ideal of women being forever young even until they are in their 80s! … and just rocking my greys.

But that’s not what you asked.

So, hair dye that I think is quality, would be hair dye that works but isn’t as chemical-y.

I did dye my hair when I was younger, at the salon and at home, and each and every time, my scalp burned. I hated the smell, the feeling, the whole aspect of dying my hair, so I stopped and never looked back. I had the L’Oreal stuff I think but it really didn’t matter what I used, it all burned.

I have not tried any as of late, but if I did, I would start with this DIY tutorial of walnut shell hair dye that dyes lighter hair darker. I have very dark hair, so I suspect the white hairs would pick up this dye and turn dark brown/black, and work quite well.

You can buy dark walnut shell powder here.

The other option I would use for dying my hair, would be henna. It comes in this super bright orange-y red or in a dark brown/black as well. My mother actually uses henna on her hair, and it looks fine to me. *shrug*

As for commercial hair dye.. I cannot say I know any and can recommend any, as I haven’t used it, but I would be more inclined to go for the more natural dyes if possible, rather than the others.

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  • GVK

    When indigo powder is added to henna, the dye becomes darker. The shade can be customized as per liking by altering the proportion of indigo powder. Also, I have seen people add coffee powder to henna for darker hue and the mixture is soaked in pure iron wok traditionally (with or without coffee). Also do not wash hair with shampoo directly if you end up using henna. Wash with just water. Let it air dry. Apply coconut oil to dry hair. Keep overnight and then shampoo the next day.
    My 2 cents.

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