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Ask Sherry: What do French women do to exercise?

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Why do you use AHA and BHA?

So I only used BHA because I thought it was BHA or AHA but not both, then I read that they did different things, they both exfoliated but did it in different ways. I figured it couldn’t hurt, so now I use both.

I used the AHA to be an extra exfoliant (my skin REALLY likes being super clean, not a speck of dead cells on there to clog pores is the key, and constant benzoyl peroxide), and it became my moisturizer replacement.

I no longer use moisturizer, the AHA lotion is moisturizing enough and my skin produces the rest of the oil required..

What do French women do to exercise?

Frankly, they don’t really focus on it. They skinny ones just eat less. A LOT less than what we are used to seeing, believe me… and they eat carefully, in moderation, and then if they live in Paris, they walk a lot and take the métro. They’re active in daily life, but they aren’t really the types to go into a gym in yoga wear and sweat it out.

At least, not the ones I know.

They say “No”, a lot. No to a second cookie (HOW!?), no to ice cream, no to cake, no to ________ … Think of everything you love and just say “No”.

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