Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where it feels like everyone else is richer than you are

This is why it feels like everyone else has more money than you do…. we are not considering the help they get, admitted or not. By the way, no help from my parents, but I did take a $60K loan from the government which I paid off. I also do not have a nanny, contrary to what everyone thinks.

As a parent, I carry around backpacks more often than I used to. I am eying this leather Herschel one as something chic-er. Or this one in beige.

What an article — My wife and I didn’t tell our kids she was dying. I can see exactly their point, and wonder what I would have done in their position. I can’t imagine it actually. Would I have told Little Bun? Prepared him for my eventual end?

You know that circle cardigan I love and wear to death from Vince that cost like $500? Here is a $100 version from Barefoot Dreams that looks very similar in a thinner knit. If you are looking for truly that COSY COSY snuggle, this is the Cocoon version from Barefoot Dreams, slightly higher at $130.

Or just let him enjoy me unfettered and happy until the end? Which way is better? Painful to not know. As a child, I would have liked a heads up, so maybe not until a month before. Or maybe earlier, I would not have liked to have been lied to about a loved one’s life.

Loved this blogger Toronto Shay’s honest talk about money.

I love the cut of this J. Crew Parke Blazer, and in linen, it is light (not too warm), and perfect for chilly offices without making you sweat.


  • SarahN

    My recent career change means I deal with death a lot. Children are pretty resilient but also get confused from the things we sometimes say like ‘gone to a better place’ (where?), is sleeping (when will they wake up?) etc etc.

    I also suspect it’s a level of poetic licence to get a specific 1000 days. It’s rarely that accurate or clear, but nonetheless. When I read When Breathe becomes Air, he was a doctor who was diagnosed with cancer. His decisions were made harder as he never truly could guess how long he had, and how he should *best* spend it.

  • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    I have the Barefoot Dreams cardigan and it’s fantastic!! JB has been calling it my “little little pouch” because though it drapes perfectly normally on me, it also has enough fabric to go around zir too. It’s great.

    I think it depends on the kid’s age, re death. The older the kid, the more I think you should tell them because what a terrible thing to be blindsided by. BUT it also depends on their personalities.

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