Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Make $100K a Year

It was a complicated scheme of buying real designer bags & returning fakes in their place that netted this woman $1M with only a repayment of $400K and 30 months in prison.

These flowered sneakers are realllllyyyyy pretty. I’m a sucker for poppies.

Want to make $100K a year? Get one of these jobs. And if you want a $100K bonus, get this job and try to keep it for a year without dying from the stress, strain, and exhaustion.

Can someone please weigh in on pricy skin masks and if they’re worth the money?

We need to put in a law for this!? Incredible. When I am at home, work stops.

I can’t believe this perfect, drapey trench is so incredible for its $135 price tag.

This mother hiked 36 hours and 26 miles in a snowto save her husband and son.  Wow. Human will is a fierce thing.

The most. perfect. white. dress… and under $70.

These are the 30 common shopping mistakes as told by personal shoppers. My #1 problem is just window shopping and eschewing a budget altogether… and buying duplicates of my favourites over and over again.

THIS SKIRT HAS POCKETS. This pinstriped blue & white skirt! If I didn’t already have a striped skirt, I’d be all over this one.

Taylor Swift just has it. I loved this video of her surprising her oldest fan. I teared up.

When my leggings hit the rag bin, I am splurging on a few pairs of these highly coveted leggings.

Say readers, what is the most expensive item in your closet? I skipped past the early 20s because I remember at one point thinking $75 was a LOT of money for clothing and now it just seems to be the bare minimum these days. I’m old. :\ …. After reading the list, I want a YSL Cabas bag, this Prada Galleria purse, these Isabel Marant Roxann Boots, and maybe these Rachel Comey Mars Boots. I totally believe in cost-per-wear because you can wear them to death and it seems like accessories and coats are where people really splash out their money.

I sort of love the sleek minimalist strap on these flats with tiny, detailed pin studs.

Create a “Might Do” list instead of a “To Do” list, and take the pressure off yourself. These are 5 easy steps to organize your life, or you can also try my method for clearing your To Do list (if you’ve got a ton of things to do), or how to keep on top of things on a daily basis.

Perfect packable ballet flats for hiding in the car.

I never get tired of Bradley Cooper speaking French. I had to laugh through this entire interview, although he didn’t get much of a chance to talk, the two hosts were too excited. My tip? Add more “uhs” at the end of your words, a lot of pulling down of the lips (a.k.a. moues) and you’ve nailed French in my opinion. 🙂 .. and who knew Sandra Bullock spoke German!? NOT THIS GIRL. O_o

MAC came out with a great neutral palette of eyeshadows that look enticing and wearable.

I loved reading what it’s like to work at Apple

This reversible faux leather tote is such a good idea.

Watch stuff defrost. It’s surprisingly mesmerizing… and it sort of made me super hungry.


  • Cassie

    For the number of masks in that package you’d be better off buying the tub of that mask and getting dozens of applications instead. I do find my skin is a little more plump and glowy after using it.

    I think currently my wedding dress and my Burberry trench tie for the most expensive items in my closet. The cost per wear on both is wildly different, but I’ll probably own both for the rest of my life.

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