Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: A thrifted jacket for $5 turns out to be worth $149,000 USD

This guy could be the next Russell Peters.. Jo Koy is HILARIOUS about how his career choices made his mother upset.

Video below.

In his videos as a younger comedian he wasn’t hitting the timing right (waiting too long in between the jokes), so it was painful to watch but he is much better now.

Here’s another of his that’s funny: “Rice is Rice“.

This woman wore the same style uniform day-in-day-out (it’s one of MY style uniforms). I couldn’t stick to it because I like variety and that blazer would quickly turn into a leather moto jacket on some days, and those pants into a skirt… but I find it interesting and very apt – I do reach for the same sort of outfit daily if I don’t have time or am out of creative ideas. H/T to Adina

I will always be obsessed with wrap skirts and this one in a graphic yellow and white print is just stunning. If you want something in black, this one in a black midi is under $150 and so chic.

Everyday heroes: Uber driver saves a teenage girl from a sex trafficking ring.

“Oyster Bar” printed on a bag in French? Why? I’d rather get this metallic one.

I guess if I were filthy rich I may be into this… although it sounds like a lot of stress for .. nothing. I love fashion but not like that.

I feel like you can’t go wrong with these minimalist leather strap sandals for only $28 but these lace-up gladiator sandals for $37 would be so stylish yet sexy with a maxi dress or wrap skirt…

The biggest purchase women made in 2016 and whether they regretted it or not.

This cage sphere bag looks really pretty… yet.. impractical. Wouldn’t your stuff fall out? Sort of like this super hot of-the-moment cage bag that is making its rounds on the ‘net.

What it’s like to be a sex worker in Amsterdam.

I have this hammered ring and it is very comfortable and a nice touch to an otherwise neutral outfit.

This is late, but I love all of the looks from With Love from Kat.

House of Harlow is an underrated brand in my opinion. I really love the jewellery and this statement necklace on sale for $60 is on my <3 list.

A thrift store jacket turns out to be worth $149,000 USD. I don’t think I have that kind of energy to sift through the racks on a regular basis but what a cool find. H/T to Adina

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