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What I liked this week:


  • Love the Olsen style.. at least, Elizabeth Olsen. Her sisters are good too but some of their stuff is way too baggy for me sometimes. I will say that I HATED the Olsen style.. until I started seeing the interesting pieces in what they wore, how they wore it and now I’m a fan of short booties and baggier pieces. They’ve really changed or modified my personal style from how great they make it look.
  • LOVED this toddler’s letter to Santa. So spot on.
  • This video of illusions is blowing my mind. For real. I COMPLETELY recommend watching this.
  • This is so obvious as a PR strategy for Air Canada but I love it anyway.
  • I was a fan and not a fan of Jenna Lyons of J. Crew (I waffle) but this article made me a confirmed fan of her personality and SOME of her clothing choices… also speaking of J. Crew, Belle hit it on the head with this article about their slide on the market. The comments are the best. Go take a read if you are interested in the fall of J. Crew.
  • Cholos Try Vegan Food… and it is hilarious. Part Two of that is here.
  • Going to make it an on-going thing to donate these women’s items to shelters. It’s terrible to be a woman and not have anything. (H/T to @Revanche)
  • I actually buy clothes like a man. I’m picky about fit, the feel, the quality.. not just the look.
  • I’d like to pick a favourite hotel too. LOL.. Loved this classic interview with Carolina Hererra one of my favourite womenswear designers. I must say I don’t agree with her position on “dermatology” because I think aging gracefully means accepting and embracing all your wrinkles & lines because they are who you are. You can never recreate how beautiful you were at a youthful age, so embrace your older, more beautiful & wiser you instead.
  • Single at 41. I cannot say that I have not (in fleeting moments) fantasized about being completely, blissfully alone, but have quashed it pretty quickly these days because my relationship with my partner has (thankfully) finally become stronger after 2 years of it draining me and being on the brink of disaster (started right when I got pregnant with The Bun and it took us 2 years to reach where we are now). Who doesn’t want the grass on the greener side once in a while? But I’d never give up what I have now.
  • If you want cold weather to wear fashionable things then move up north. S’all I gotta say. We’ve got snow starting in October up in here, in these parts.
  • The 10 most powerful women in history…. as a fun read
  • I am realizing how handy it is that I speak French now. Great interview of Emanuelle Alt by Garance; both being quintessential French style icons.

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