Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.


What I liked this week:


  • So.. fluffy… ….!!!! *melts*
  • A good read about The Real Donald Trump behind the scenes.
  • Every year I make it a point to watch something about feasts and celebrations that are not Christmas specifically. I especially enjoy BBC Feasts. This is the one for Japan, and here is Mexico Part One, Part Two, Part Three.
  • My friend emailed me this about a FASHION SANTA (former male model) in TORONTO at one of my favourite malls – Yorkdale. #YYZ represent!!!
  • What did we (Millennial Women) want for Christmas? Well Adweek had it all here…. unfortunately, none of it was what wanted. (H/T to Jessica who posts the best links)
  • Detox with these foods when you have eaten too much cheese, sugar, salt, fried foods or alcohol.. (spoiler: it’s exactly what you think — vegetables, water and lots of legumes).
  • I really liked this post (particularly it is Canada’s version of Black Friday today called Boxing Day), from Tim about the paradox of time. It made me think about what made me happy and what I am doing to achieve said happiness. It certainly isn’t from working although I very much enjoy the $$$ that comes from that, but it also made me think about all my mundane tasks that I do around the house… that I glean a small sense of satisfaction from.
  • I think women deserve to have beautifully made suits and clothing out of the best wool possible. Why do men have the monopoly on this!?
  • Here’s video proof of why I am putting Cirque du Soleil on my bucket list to bring my entire family to when Baby Bun is old enough to appreciate it. Do you think if I do enough yoga I’ll be able to do that!?
  • I think I may be this Trophy Wife which would then be a title I am very proud of if it puts me in the same echelons as Amal Clooney.
  • Québécois pour les nuls… All French speakers around the world will appreciate this video! It is also the reason why I am finding it slightly hard to learn French here because I am getting conflicting information from my partner versus what I hear at the office. LOL


  • BooBooNinja

    I knew Québecois French had its own ‘rhythm’ and style, but not to this extent!
    Thanks for sharing, and happpy holidays.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      You’re welcome! It is certainly very distinctive. I have finally gotten the flow / rhythm of it and in the context of the conversation I can make educated guesses as to what they’re saying (they use a lot of slang sometimes).

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