Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: 7 Older Women on Personal Style

7 older women on personal style. They’re killing it. My favourite is pictured above – Grece Ghanem and not just because she’s a fellow Montrealer!

I’m about to buy a Lamy Safari fountain pen because I am getting sick of throwing out these DISPOSABLE pens and I want something less disposable, and beautiful to write with. Thoughts?

Funny enough to say, Tim is right, it is easier to stay at work than it is to retire. Jumping into the unknown without a safety net is scary!… and speaking of which, a vacation while you are retired seems silly, but you do need a change of pace from your normal life. Instead of calling it a vacation, it is probably just “a trip”.

I re-watched Le Petit Nicolas and just love how it was filmed, and the entire storyline being so…¬† retro.

I think these tips from a career coach are right on the money and completely honest. This is all stuff I do, except write down goals or notes about myself. I just have a general feeling of wanting to keep climbing up and that’s about it.

You ALL need to buy a pack of these Green Tea KitKats and eat them until you can’t move. I am obsessed.

You know what? Next time you get a job offer, read this first before you do ANYTHING.

I picked this up to put my new laptop in because I love a simple, minimalist, felt laptop case

Visualize the net worth of America’s Richest “self-made” women (I put that in quotes because a certain Jenner is on there as “self-made”, to no fault of the graphic as they took the info from Forbes). Here are the money mindsets of self-made people, and my whole discussion on who/what is a truly ‘self-made’ person.

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