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Some of the responses to what Chinese students think of typical American foods are hilarious.

It’s interesting that we find our cultural food normal (mmm CLAM CHOWDER!!!), but another culture’s food can sometimes seem very odd to us (Filipino balut, or Chinese bird’s nest soup anyone?)

I was also tweeted a link by @matthewchat with images from a book of a Chinese girl who moved to Germany at the age of 14 and created infographics detailing the difference between German and Chinese culture:

Yang-Liu-German-Chinese-German punctuality, Western ego and how to stand in line like a Chinese.

I would most definitely consider myself more German in this case, but can “German” be substituted for “Western” then, seeing as I have never lived in Germany?

The punctuality one, and the problem solving approach sealed the deal for which side I’d heartily choose.


Nina Garcia’s Manhattan apartment from AD, which she obviously does not take care of on her own (why would she!?) because it is too spotless and white. Plus the kitchen looks unused.

Pretty sure she eats out all the time.


That closet is divine, however. Look at all that SPACE!

At least Nina Garcia is not a politician, because she would have been ridiculed like Theresa May for wearing the most amazing leather jacket.. EVER.





For me, I travel quite a bit which is why I have so many posts on traveling, but just in case you need yet another one because you don’t travel as often, here it is.


Want to be inspired by what you can do to pare down and become more of a minimalist? I think you should read this.


Swoon. Start swooning now. This bag is GORGEOUS.


Max out your retirement accounts or at least, put all that you can into those accounts and you could shave off 2 years versus not maxing out your accounts.


Blackberry has officially bombed.

Follow along this succinct timeline of how and why it happened, particularly when you consider that they turned down Justin Bieber to become their brand ambassador way back when for a piddly $200,000 and 20 devices.

And speaking of awkwardness, just reading how desperate some guys are to get girls made me cringe.



Award winning recipes for sandwiches.

Need I say more?


Wow. I wish I knew the name of this Korean artist.

Update: Thanks to readers chiming in, her name is Jee Young Lee and here is her site!


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