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Curated Closet Workbook Exercise: Why do you care about style anyway?

What is your main motivation for spending time on your style?

I love it.

I love looking good, I love feeling good.

When I wear a great outfit, man.. POW .. my entire personality and state of mind changes.

I like coming up with different ways to wear the same outfits, layering, colours, mixing, matching.. it’s my artsy side coming out.

Do you use fashion as a creative outlet or an expression of your values and personality?

Yes. Absolutely.

I use it to use up that extra brainpower I have, thinking about different outfits, vibes, styles, how I want to feel today … and it expresses who I am 100%.

I like to see how I feel that day, or pick a piece that I am interested in wearing, and try to build an outfit around it.

I love it when it all works, and I have an extra swagger in my step.

Does dressing well give you confidence?


Power outfits are my thing. When I want to feel powerful, I am in my favourite outfit, I am rocking my favourite ring.

I also think dressing well makes people respond differently to you. You are treated better, people smile, are friendlier, hold open doors..

The whole world smiles and warms up towards you when you feel good because they see it, and you feel it. It’s a self-fulfilling cycle of warmth and reinforcement of feeling good.

We are all vain enough to want to be liked, and to look good, have people react to use in a positive manner. This is HUMAN NATURE, not vanity.


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A little about this series:

I am embarking on a 8-week (or longer) excursion to do this exercise from one of my favourite style books – The Curated Closet – and to show you what my Curated Closet Workbook (companion workbook to the actual book) looks like at every step of the way.

Why do this?

Because I know what I like but I have no idea why I like what I do. I just do, and it seems very hodge-podge and all over the place. Being very Type A, I kind of want to pin it down and to know WHY.

I feel like it would help me narrow down my style personas more, and stop me from making bad / stupid shopping mistakes.

Also, I really like reading about these kinds of things from other people. I love it when people go through and talk about their style evolution and why.

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