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Second Trimester Trials and Tribulations: How my pregnancy is going so far

So just in case any of you are interested, I thought I’d update all of you on how my second trimester has been.

If you aren’t interested in reading about how my second trimester went, feel free to skip this post.

It may also be a little too honest for some people, but hey.. better the truth than none at all seeing as I know some of you expressed an interest in kind of learning how my pregnancy has been progressing so you can anticipate it for yourself in the future.

(I love being pregnant by the way.)

So here goes!


So as I mentioned before, spicy food is top on my list in my second trimester for my wiggly Sea Monkey.

I am eating a lot of stuff with chili as much as possible, and I LOVE the hot spicy kick of food now.


It is in this month that I really started to feel tight in my belly. I can feel the skin stretching now.

My belly button has not popped yet (they say it happens in the second trimester but I do not think it will happen to me until nearer to the end as I am not big enough).


Around month 5, the bump just went.. BLOOP!.. and suddenly you could see I was pregnant with a distinctly larger and rounder belly, and not just full.

Again, no one can tell I am pregnant from behind.

In a profile, or in front, yes.

Sometimes they’re squinting at me or staring to make sure that I really am pregnant and not just full or round in the middle, but now I am starting to be offered seats which is really nice because I am unbalanced in front.


I can kind of hold the belly and lift it now. It feels heavier. Much heavier. REALLY tight.


Still getting pimples and acne, but not huge cystic lumps.

I am hoping this will improve as the pregnancy nears its end, which is what my sister-in-law told me would happen.


At the earliest time possible of 20 weeks, I already started feeling flutters.

They were really faint, but I could tell it was the baby and not gas.


The kid has a lot of room to move around in there… so sometimes I’ll feel a somersault, heavy kicking, etc.

If you want to know what it feels like, it’s like your insides are hiccuping.

I tried to think of the best way to describe this, and it is really like your uterus is hiccuping. That’s the feeling.

Sometimes the hiccups are small, other times they are really strong (like from a strong kick) and you are surprised. It isn’t painful.. 90% of the time.

It is only painful when little feet start stomping on my bladder like the baby wants to bust out of there. I have no choice but to shift and try and throw the baby off balance so that the pain stops.

I also can’t see the baby shift from one side to another (not in a video or visually at all), because I think it is a lot lower and deeper (close to my spine, which is causing back nerve pain as the baby rests on my sciatic nerve).

I can definitely feel the baby, but I can’t see the kick. I can only put my hand on my bump and feel it.

otherwise, it just feels like there’s a wiggly Sea Monkey in there.

I have a feeling the baby is somersaulting, punching, kicking and basically having a party while there’s still space to move around and float.

The kicks are also sure to happen about 20 minutes after I eat. If I eat spicy food, I get kicked more.

If I eat blander food, less kicking.

Once there is less room in there, I am not likely to feel heavy kicks. Oh, and you CAN distinguish between a baby kick and a baby punch.

A punch feels more like someone is using their fingers and wiggling/pressing a wiggling motion against your skin inside of you. Less hiccup-y, more wiggly finger motion. It kind of tickles. I giggled on the subway once in surprise because the punch was tickling my sides.


It is really something to see your baby on the screen. Their little face staring at you (looks a bit ghoulish), their little feet and balled up hands… their HUGE torso… it’s kind of surreal.

My mother never had ultrasounds when she had us, so it’s kind of a kick for her to see them too.

I also really like hearing the lub-lub-lub sound of the baby’s heartbeat….

I started tearing up at my last ultrasound.

Also… they do not tell you this about ultrasounds but you have to pull up your shirt or dress and expose your underwear and whatever you’re wearing underneath, so because I couldn’t wear normal tights as they wouldn’t go over my belly, I had on thigh-high tights.. which I think may have looked a little umm.. sexy.. on the table.

Just something to think about.

Also, they squirt this cool kind of moisturizing gel all over your bump to do the ultrasound, and they don’t always clean it off carefully or properly, so don’t be afraid to ask for another towel or more paper towels, or else that gel gets onto your clothes.


On and off I will just get these kind of aching, sharp pains in my chest. The milk ducts are growing/working their way in, and this is very uncomfortable.

What I do is get my hands really cold, then I hold my chest to numb the pain.

They say chilled cabbage leaves work as well to cover your chest to stop the pain, but I am not buying produce for nothing.

Luckily it does not happen often. Just on and off.. but only about 30% of the time it is truly painful. The rest of the time, it comes in twinges.


I am talking my chest (yes.. my chest.. read between the lines there) my belly sides.. wow. ITCHY. Serious itching. It comes and goes.

I tried asking my doctor about and she said just to put more moisturizer on there, but damn that doesn’t do jack squat. I am I-T-C-H-Y at night and trying not to scratch my skin off.

I thought maybe it was eczema but I am not itchy anywhere else. Just my torso (the front).


I was trying to train myself to sleep on my side but it is getting harder because the bump in front is heavier, so it drags my spine out of balance.

I have been using pillows between my knees and under my belly to help ease the strain but is still brutal to try and stay on my side.

STILL can’t get used to sleeping on my side. I have to force myself to do it.


Around month 4, my belly started to do a lot of growing and stretching.

I felt a lot of sharp pains and twinges like someone was knifing my stomach (seriously), but luckily it did not last long or happen too often.

It’s just the skin and the uterus stretching but it does hurt, and it would surprise me sometimes.


Incidentally, if I sleep on my back and bend my knees (the MOST comfortable position, even though it deprives the baby of maximum blood and oxygen), the baby gets super wiggly.

The baby starts to basically punch and kick me when I am on my back, and by doing so, I am forced to switch positions and lie on my side.

Basically the baby rules my body.

In the middle of the night, I will sometimes be woken up with some MAJOR punching and kicking in my belly like a Mardi Gras party is happening and my baby is the star of the whole carnival.

Sometimes the baby will punch or kick my bladder so hard, that I am forced to get up, lull Baby Bun back to sleep by walking to the bathroom, and walking back.

Otherwise.. it just continues and HURTS.


I have been stretching, doing yoga, and flossing my back nerve (with this exercise I was taught), but it is not easy to constantly sleep on your side.

I am trying to sit up straight, and to be aware of the strain on my back but not to overcompensate by leading with my belly (a bad, bad idea for posture).

Not sure what else I can do, but I’ve started massaging my back as well.

It is because the baby is kind of near the back of my spine and a little lower, so it has been pinching my sciatic nerve. *sigh*


I get a Charley Horse in my calves and feet at least twice a week at night.

I will just feel my foot or my calf start to twist and pop, I try to muffle my scream, and I get up as soon as I can to stand on my feet and keep my foot flexed.

If it is my foot that starts to cramp, I kneel down and try and force my big toe that is trying to detach from my foot (with my hands) to push back into its normal position until the muscle twinges are over and it calms back down.

If that makes any sense…

This has worked out well so far without a lot of real pain or crying afterwards, but it hurts like a #%*%*(#&%(*….

I just know that if I don’t get up or I don’t take care of the problem right away, I am sure to have residual leg or foot pain afterwards.

I also find that if I walk too much in a day (more than 5 hours touring the city, running errands, etc), I get more leg cramps.. so I am trying to take it easy on the walking or at least trying to stretch before I sleep at night.


My hands and arms have green veins popping up more visibly than before. It’s kind of freaky.

No varicose veins on my legs yet (thankfully), and I am hoping I will not get them. My mother got some serious varicose veins on her legs from having us, but no one other women in her family did.

Same with the long vein going across my belly down my belly button and veins on my torso.


Near the end of my second trimester, I had to drink this disgusting glucose fluid to check to see if I have elevated levels of sugar in my blood and urine which can indicate a problem with my insulin production (which is linked to diabetes).

Anyway, it was gross. It doesn’t hurt or anything (unless you hate having your blood taken), but the drink was just nasty.


Sometimes it feels nice just to rub the belly and massage the bump.

It also feels nice when the bump is out and feeling air. I don’t know how to explain it.


It is getting itchier but if I rub shea and cocoa butter on my bump on a regular basis, it lowers the chances of my bump feeling itchy and for me to get the urge to scratch it (especially since I suffer from eczema).


Really, only on my thighs, I get a few patches of eczema here and there. Bright red, scaly patches.

There is nothing I can do except to just keep the patches moisturized and try not to think about touching or scratching them.

I am trying my best to keep really moisturized in general so that I avoid making my eczema worse especially during my pregnancy.


By around the end of my second trimester, my belly turned flat in front. It wasn’t a rounded belly, it was like.. a flat front to an otherwise round soccer ball attached to my front.

My belly button itself is still intact and still an “innie”. I can feel it stretching out a bit more each day and I think by my third trimester it will pop out, although some women apparently experience the belly button popping out pretty early on in the second trimester.


I am now at 120 lbs, originally at 105 lbs before I got pregnant.

The weight gain is not gradual, like half a pound or a pound a week. It is more like… I hover at 116 lbs.. and then the next week I am at 118 lbs and so on.

It goes up in spurts, but that’s because the baby is growing in ounces, and the scale does not calculate weight in ounces but in pounds, so it stands to reason.

15 pounds so far, and only 3 months to go.

If I can keep my weight gradual and steady to put on a max of 20 – 25 pounds, I am golden.




  • Seanna Gibson

    Hi everyone im a new mommie having my 1St Jan.9.2019🤗 Im in my second trimester n still have morning sickness and all day vomiting. Ive been put in the hospital several times to get fluids. Im always dehydrated my baby CAN NOT STAND WATER N A WHOLE BOOK OF OTHER THINGS! Its sad i go through so much everyday i barely ever can keep my food down this baby is so picky. I need some advice that i havent heard before. Things that suppose to help i cant eat it want stay down. Somebody please help me!

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I’m so sorry to hear you are having terrible morning sickness. Unfortunately, you are the same as my mother — she said when she had me, she was unable to eat anything. The best thing I can recommend is to try as many different types of foods as possible to see what will stay down. My mom was only really able to eat white rice.

  • Mandy Dorsey

    Thanks for the informative blog post!!!!
    I have a soreness/pain in my abdomen. It starts at my bellybutton and goes all the way to my panty line. it hurts to cough The process of standing up and sitting down both hurts! Like I have done sit ups all day…. it also hurts to touch. Did you feel this pain??

  • Victoria

    I don’t know what is wrong with me, under my belly is so hurt, I vomit everyday,I feel week and my belly is heavy and am 4month pregnant. I also breathe heavy

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I’m sorry to tell you, but you are having what they call a very tough pregnancy. My friend is going through something similar where her intestines poke out when she coughs, she can’t sleep, it’s painful and she might need to have surgery.

      Have you seen your doctor? Please go in right away to a medical professional to voice your concerns. Your belly should feel heavy but you should not be feeling sharp pains or extreme pains so early on, as far as I can tell from my other mother friends.

      I had a very easy pregnancy but that doesn’t mean everyone does.

  • busisiwe

    That was informative but, now I’m scared for the baby. I’m three months pregnant and I have lost all interest in meat . I have fallen in love veges and fruit. It is bad that I don’t eat meat?

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Not at all. Just make sure you get your protein from beans and tofu for instance, and B12 vitamin through milk or other dairy, or if you’re vegan, take a supplement of B12 to keep energy up.

  • Sarah

    Good to know someone else hasn’t gained much weight, I’m 23wks+1 and have only put on about 2kgs (after I lost about 6-7kgs in the first 4-5 months.) I’ve had a couple of scares along the way and have to be monitored closely, just trying to take each day at a time. Looking forward to meeting my baby in a few months. Strangely enough though, haven’t really had any cravings, everything just tastes so much better, well home cooked meals do.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      You’re so lucky. You and me both.

      • Sarah

        Why am I lucky? I just worry that I’m not eating enough. I want my baby nice and healthy.

        • save. spend. splurge.

          You are lucky because you are not feeling the same nausea other women face. My mom threw up every day until she gave birth with all of us…

          Your baby will be fine. Just make sure you eat the minimum number of calories each day, and lots of calcium otherwise the baby will take it from your teeth & bones.

          • Sarah

            Thanks, and yeah, pregnancy can be rather stressful. Looking forward to giving birth to my little bundle of joy.

            • save. spend. splurge.

              I did too. I will say that I did not immediately love him when he was born. It was just so surreal, having this little tiny being the size of a miniature football in your hands… it took me a while to really LOVE him and know in my heart I would do anything for him, even die.

              That’s the one thing I will say, is to not expect rainbows and sunshine. 🙂

  • Angel

    I am 18 weeks and i just felt like something gripping my spine it was very uncomfortable but still i laid on my back.Didn’t give it much thought then. It was always uncomfortable for me to sleep in one position.But after that day i feel normal infact i don’t feel pregnant at all.Did i harm my baby?

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I’d go in to see a doctor if you are concerned and they can check for the baby’s heartbeat.

      They suggest you sleep on your LEFT side to give as much blood as possible but I doubt that you hurt your child. Go in to have peace of mind.

  • Emily @ Urban Departures

    I’m so incredibly jealous of your (lack of ) weight gain! The average in North America is 25-35lbs, but from my research of pregnancies in different cultures, that is on the high end. The French and in many Asian cultures, it’s a 15-25lbs gain. I think you only really need an extra 300 calories a day?

    Anyway, I’m glad your pregnancy is coming along well and bun/mum are healthy, despite the discomfort. Aren’t those leg cramps AWFUL??

    • save. spend. splurge.

      You only really need an apple and a pita’s worth of food per day, which is 300 calories.

      I am not gaining much in the beginning which seems to worry everyone but me. *sigh*

  • Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life

    I wonder why the itchiness? I’ve had a similar chest itchiness, usually when I’m trying to sleep, but I’m not pregnant (I hope 😉

  • MelD

    Wow, that was all very interesting! Obviously it is different for everyone but I have never heard anyone describe any of the things you do and once women get started comparing stories, you do hear a lot over the years…!! Just so the non-pregnant commenters don’t think they will necessarily have all the same symptoms 😉
    In none of my three pregnancies did I have any pains of any kind and I only got itchy shoulders in my 3rd pregnancy from a body lotion (ironically, supposedly perfume-free..). It didn’t hurt for the skin to expand either on my tummy or breasts and I didn’t get stretchmarks, either (though I got them later through weight gain apart from pregnancy). I gained between 8-15 kg but know of women who gained only 3 kg and others who gained 30 kg…
    All of this probably depends on what your body is like to begin with – whether you “bloom”, your hair is good/bad, skin good/bad and so on. Only one friend who is tall and slim got a nasty varicose vein on her leg. Perhaps it’s more difficult for the body if you’re naturally slim and taut – I am a much softer figure type so maybe I stretched more easily! Also you’re probably right that the position of the baby will differ and may or may not press on nerves, bladder etc.
    Wishing you all the best for your last trimester and that you continue to enjoy yourself!

    • save. spend. splurge.

      @MelD: That’s what I’m saying too. Each woman is different and for me it was all new.. ish. 🙂

      I think you’re quite lucky if you didn’t get stretch marks, but it could just mean the baby grew quite slowly and gradually rather than in spurts. My baby seems to like growing in spurts, going from one weight to another within a week rather than spread out over a month, which causes stretch marks.

      WOw!! Only 3kg is very little to gain.

      I have much better hair now, but my skin has not improved, although it was really horrible at the start and now it is getting better somewhat.

      I did not stretch very easily because my body is as you said — slim and taut. I had no room to grow to begin with!!!

      The baby has since moved off my back nerve but once in a while I get a twinge where I feel a lot of back pain because the bum is on my back or something. It’s gotten a bit better.

      Thank you!

  • Sara

    I’m glad to hear that pregnancy is treating you well. And speaking of cabbage (lol), a close friend of mine swears by the cabbage thing, although I’m pretty sure she does it when she is cutting back on breastfeeding.

  • Tania

    I find your baby updates fascinating and am happy to hear the two of you are healthy.

    I have had lifelong trouble with leg cramps. Primary cause is dehydration but another cause is the shortening of the calf muscle. Your calf muscle is shortened when you are wearing high heels or when your toe is pointed. When you flatten your foot out so your toe is pointing forward instead of down (when in a lying down position on your side)your calf muscle is fully extended in length. When you lie on your side (I’m a side sleeper too), it is quite natural to point your toe unless you are consciously aware of this and in that position your muscle is shortened. When I feel a cramp coming on, I merely pull my toe out of the pointed position toward me (so a bit more than facing forward. I don’t do this with my hand, I rotate my foot so the toes become level with the heel and then a bit more (so the toe is pointing at my torso instead of to the end of the bed). This stops the cramp from even engaging whereas the standing up method is trying to stop the cramp after it’s fully engaged. When I go to sleep I consciously make the effort before falling asleep to ensure my toes are not starting to point down. After a while it’s become more of a habit, my body automatically adjusts now. Since I’ve started doing this I’ve had no cramps fully engage, I’ve been able to stop them (huge for me!). I also keep my linens very loose as tight sheets/blankets can also cause you to point your toes. I also do drink Pedialyte from time to time if I feel I need it.

    I’m so sorry that’s happening to you, it can be quite awful.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I haven’t worn heels since 2012… 🙂 I only wear heels when I work. This is most definitely baby-related / baby-caused.

      I actually really hate sleeping on my side but I have to do it for the baby, I’ve also been trying not to point my toes as you said, but usually if I feel a twinge come on, I quickly flex my foot to disengage… it’s only if it starts to get painful that I try to roll out of bed the best I can and stand on the foot to force it back to normal.

      I’ll try and drink more water.. and I’ve been eating more bananas because I hear the potassium helps as well!

  • SarahN

    Also never been pregnant so this was enlightening. Oh, and now I get NO email posts from you – after getting them twice. I’ll try to resubscribe – too much to catch up on!! I’d love a bump photo (you could totally leave your face out) if you were up for it right before you are due?!?!

  • Fig

    I find these posts so interesting! I have no clue what it’s like to be pregnant, but I almost feel prepared! Haha. 🙂 You are getting so close to the end… you’re gonna be a mom soon!

  • NZ Muse

    Fascinating. I’ve learned so much about pregnancy/childbirth in the past couple years as bloggers I read go through this phase of life. Just maybe take it easy on the birth story when it comes, okay? The little I’d read has scarred me for life.

    Also, I sometimes get insanely itchy nipples – I really hope pregnancy for me will not exacerbate that. It’s a very awkward thing.

  • Alicia @ Financial Diffraction

    So interesting to read all about this. None of my friends have really had babies yet, so I haven’t heard all the interesting details 🙂

    Also, regarding the comment about weight gain… obviously SSS is naturally petite (normal weight of 105 lbs). The average weight gain for pregnancy is 27 lbs. Her goal of 20 – 25 lbs isn’t that different.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      @Alicia @ Financial Diffraction: By interesting details you mean sordid. 🙂 I still have plenty more to come I am sure!

      Yes.. I’m 5’5″ and 105lbs when I was vegan, 115lb when I wasn’t.

      My goal of 20-25lbs is based on what they recommend in France, but I am also taking into account that I was vegan before and am not while pregnant.

  • anna

    Aww, I loved this, from the description between a punch and a kick to a baby ruling your body until you do what he/she wants. I completely cracked up at the thigh highs, too, that is hilarious! 🙂 Looking forward to your future pregnancy notes and descriptions!!

    • save. spend. splurge.

      @anna: I am told the baby will rule my body even more in the third trimester!!

      The thigh highs was not my intention to be sexy, but to avoid having the waistband cut into my belly…. but I saw my partner smile a little when he saw me pull up my dress to get the ultrasounds and realized why! 🙂

  • Midori

    Umm… I don’t think you should eat spicy foods personally because it causes inflammation…which causes a bunch of other stuff.

    I have a bunch of nutrition lecture of embryology from college (I’m a nutritionist btw) that you might be interested in looking. You have to take certain nutrients during your trimester to avoid certain diseases. I don’t know if it’s too late though…since you are in your 3rd trimester?

    And from what I know… you have to gain more weight than that… :/

    • save. spend. splurge.

      @Midori: I can’t help it.. I just have such a craving for it being spicy that I ate almost everything with chili during my second trimester.

      Coming into my third, the craving has tapered off somewhat.

      What nutrients? Can you give me a quick rundown?

      I don’t need to gain more weight, at the end of my second trimester at 15 pounds it’s pretty much on track for me to gain about 20-25 by the end of my third trimester.

      10 pounds to put in 3 months is not hard.

      I am not really one of those women who goes crazy eating stuff I’ve denied myself all these years just because I’m “eating for two”… and going off this lifetime diet that every woman seems to put herself on.

      My SIL’s both gained about 50 – 70 pounds each baby and had complications during delivery with the baby being too big.

      My mother and my MIL however, gained just about as much as I did (perhaps less, they were nauseous all the time) and gave birth to healthy 5 – 5.5lb babies.

      • Midori

        @save. spend. splurge.: Mmmm… gaining 70 lbs is WAYYY too much… there’s a certain weight to gain for certain size for people… I’ll send you the quick version of all the information and hope you find it helpful. It takes too long to explain everything and why you need to gain a certain weight… lol.

        The scariest thing I learned in school is that if you don’t eat certain nutrients at a certain window in your pregnancy, it will affect how the baby develops, which is their predisposition to certain diseases…

        Anyway, I’ll email you! 🙂

        • save. spend. splurge.

          I got the info! I had also been taking prenatal vitamins a little before I got pregnant (folic acid) and every day afterwards. They also did tests on my levels of folic acid, B12 and so on, and said I was good.

          Then I changed my diet and was eating walnuts for DHA (supplemented by wild salmon occasionally) while pregnant.. so I pretty much followed the notes in the PDFs you sent me.

          • Midori

            @save. spend. splurge.: If you want DHA, salmon is better because it has EPA and DHA readily. Walnuts have ALA (omega 3 is just a structure, but has many forms), which is converted to DHA, but takes a while…so… I say salmon is better, but be careful about eating lots of fish because of mercury… and do your research when you take supplements because they might have what they claim to have… lol

            • save. spend. splurge.

              I can’t find wild salmon as readily; I found it a few times but it has been hard… farmed salmon has PCBs so I have been avoiding eating that, and sticking to mackerel when I can (not king mackerel, the smaller one). I’ve also been taking DHA supplements made from anchovies in the meantime just to make sure I supplement.

  • Cindy

    Do people come up to you and rub your belly? If so, does it bother you or do you not mind?

    • save. spend. splurge.

      @Cindy: NO ONE! NO ONE has rubbed my belly.

      I think this is a winter-time thing because I have a coat on and people (maybe) think that if they tried to touch my belly I’d freak out and punch them because I would think they’re trying to steal from me.

      In the summer I bet I would get a lot more belly rubs or pats.

      If anyone has ever tried to touch my belly, I would not been offended if they want to, as long as they’re gentle and don’t try to rub it hard or rub good luck charms for lottery tickets over my belly without paying me first (kidding… kidding!) 😛

      My mom did say for me to be careful when in public because sometimes people might snap and be angry or crazy and then try to punch my belly.. so I have been kind of keeping the belly hidden / guarded as much as possible JUST IN CASE of crazies.

      I guess I am a little more relaxed in that regard. I know people consider pregnant women lucky which is a very nice thing to know.

  • Renee s

    I love the pregnancy posts, too 🙂 They are so detailed and it is appreciated!

    I have a suggestion for charlie horse/cramps you may want to try. I was told to “kick them out” so when you start feeling them come on, kick and extend your leg out a few times. It has helped me, maybe it will help you?

  • iou

    Congrats, you’re almost there! I like your pregnancy posts, lots of good “insider” information for someone who has never been pregnant before but is curious about what it would be like.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      @iou: Well I am hoping it will help, but I also don’t want to turn this into a mommy blog where ALL I DO is talk about being pregnant or having kids. Hence the spacing out of the posts 🙂

      I also have a post coming up on stuff no book will tell you but mothers will secretly divulge if asked.

  • Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way

    Congrats you’re now on your second trimester! Oh, I just remembered before when I was pregnant that was almost 7 years ago. Being pregnant has never been easy, but it was a priceless moment!

    • save. spend. splurge.

      @Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way: Thanks Clarisse! I am actually in my third trimester now, not second 🙂 I am done the second.

      • Joan

        Great info. Am in my nineth week have not experience any of the morning sickness yet or is it not time yet? Also pls what can I eat so my belly don’t grow till my 6th month?

        • save. spend. splurge.

          Joan, consider yourself one of the lucky few who do not get sick. I never had a single day of morning or night or afternoon sickness, but I did feel like I burped a lot more often than before, and felt queasy with things like cucumber and peas.

          Morning sickness starts around 6 weeks.. I was just fatigued the whole time.

          As for not having your belly grow until month 6, just eat normally with an extra half portion for your fetus to grow. You want to feed yourself and be nutritionally healthy to grow your baby properly.

          Drink lots of milk or the baby will take your teeth, and take folic acid as well as try to eat more vegetables than meat, and cut back on salt and sugar. Now’s the time!

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