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Afternoon of Shopping with Sherry – Volume 1

I normally Instagram this in my Stories here and there, but I thought I would do it as a post.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments below.

I started off with checking out what Banana Republic had to offer.

I saw what was a cute pearl necklace and when I stared at it closer I realized it was a SNOWMAN pendant necklace! How adorbs is that?

I also ALMOST tried on this really nice Melton Wool coat, but in the light I could see it was not a blue-toned red like I truly crave, but more of an orange-y red… which is not really my colour.

It brings out all these sallow, olive tones in my skin and makes me look very sick and fatigued. Not flattering at all. If it came in that BLUE-toned red however, omg I’d be all over it.

I don’t know what it is going on this season, but fuzzy, teddy-bear like coats are all over the place in every store.

This coat was super, freaking soft and cosy, but …. I wouldn’t wear it or pay for it.

Look! Another one! It is too casual for me.

I drop by Aritzia and want everything, especially this Stedman coat in Comet Grey but not for $328. I’ll be stalking secondhand sites for this. It is simple, cosy, warm.

I also try on this Billy skirt in Bone that is very retro and sexy, but not for $88!!!! I like it, but secondhand.

I take a note of the tag and size however for later reference. I always do this because I’ll never remember.

At Zara I just browse items. I find that Zara is getting expensive at retail (I mean $50 – $200 for a piece?), and the quality is not amazing. Frankly, I could pay the same prices secondhand and get MUCH better pieces.

I sort of love this sequined Diana Ross-like dress… LOL… How Holiday-Ish.

WHAT IS THIS? A Victorian Addams Family throwback? Sorry. No.

This (clearly) faux suede green trench coat was pretty in its styling….

But… the finishing of this is just hideous. For the price they are asking for, forget it. Raw edged seams.. no thanks.

These bags look impractical. Why??!

I was equally drawn to and repulsed by these shoes.

I immediately loved the look of this faux pleather skirt, but… (A) it is faux, and (B) it is too trendy to be worthwhile to wear. $5 secondhand? Why not? But not full price.

Ahh.. the Acne Studios Shearling Aviator Coat ripoff. This one is not as plush, not real shearling, terribly finished, and for me, not worth the money.

On the way to COS, I see someone walking with very nice skinny jeans (I was only looking knees down)… then I look up and then I wasn’t sure if it was a woman or a man.

Thoughts? Tell me in the comments. 😉

A protest against GMO goods, plastics… to save the environment. They all marched and then laid down end to end on the street.

I see this STUNNING magenta wool coat because it looks SO great (the lighting is terrible, stock photo to follow):

This colour is stunning:

The only thing is that it is very boxy. I like slightly nipped-in waist coats. Too boxy for my taste, but man that colour is <3

I made it battle one of my favourite bright coloured coats from Ted Baker Lorili in the most beautiful purple, and my TB coat won so this $300+ coat stayed on the rack. (I was so close to buying it):

I spy an interesting looking dress – simple, minimalist and cool. I hate the colour — olive green, too yellow-toned:

…and I try it on in grey:

I feel like a nun in it. It was shapeless, a bit boxy without the tie, too long… the neckline is not my thing.

Oh.. and this was a sweater. I thought it was pilled. Apparently that is the fabrica nd the style.


  • SarahN

    I don’t have insta so I like these posts.

    I could almost do the same with my shopping! I also photograph tags or similar if I want to look online or second hand for it. Or add it to my ‘want but not yet ready’ list.

  • Alice

    I like that “nun” dress in the end. I love trying stuff on before I buy anything- it helps me narrow down what I really like in clothing. Im in favor of this post. As usual, I found your train of thought entertaining to read.

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