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Afternoon of Shopping with Sherry – Volume IV

My third mini instalment of shopping with me as a thrifting expedition…

I started off in a shop, and it just made me hungry to look at all of these chocolates in their fancy colours:

I start off in dresses because it’s my favourite:

I know this brand actually, I think I owned an item from them once, or wanted to buy one, but found it very expensive..

I always thought Catherine Malandrino was an expensive brand but it is not, really….. I thought it was a designer brand but it turns out she does mass-market stuff, along the lines of Leith, Halogen, or other brands like that.. A little above Banana-Republic level.

I REALLY liked this print but the spaghetti straps are not my friend. This would be a waste of money for me because I wouldn’t wear it.

Someone had a traditional dress donated as well. I am not sure where this is from, culturally. India?


Very preppy and conservative.

This was an expensive dress, it was very good quality, but I am not a fan of animal prints otherwise I would have been over it.

Then I saw this, and was horrified. Looked like a tiger or a bear got caught into posing for a knitted sweater.

$20!?!?!? I was shocked.

I would have picked this up if the colours were better…

Tempting. You know how I’m a fiend for stripes…

These dresses are cheap quality but the price is so $$$$$

I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I SAW THIS!!! 100% magenta silk:

Really, I don’t get this print. It doesn’t look pretty or appetizing or… anything. It looks terrible.

I love vintage dresses because the quality is just so GOOD. Great wool, great, cut, great fit… and usually it lasts for a long time.

And for dinner, it started as this:


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