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What is your perfect age?

I was thinking about what my perfect age would be, and how I would answer this question.

To be really honest, I feel like my perfect age range started at 30, and it is still going. This age, is the perfect age.

When I was younger, before the age of 30, I did not have any of this….

I am established in my career.

I make good money, I have been freelancing a long time now, but it is not until NOW that I can say I have a decade of experience, which is significant. It isn’t 3 years, it isn’t 5, it is a whole solid double-digit number.

That speaks volumes in interviews, when I speak to people.. it is like the few first awkward, green, uncertain years of working have just melted away into my 10-years of experience.

I have solid savings.

I know how to budget my money, I know how to invest it, and I don’t fret about retirement or money the way I think many people my age do, trying to struggle and balance between having fun, paying for a family (or thinking about starting one), and also thinking so far ahead in the future to when you will eventually retire and have to stop working.

I own my own home free and clear.

I’m pretty proud of not only just hitting a half a million dollar net worth, but also that I own my own home free and clear, having paid cash for it.

I have accomplished a few personal things.

I have created (now) three successful-to-me blogs, having sold two already for 5-figures, and now on my third and (finally permanent) one, which is the one you’re reading now. (Thank you!)

I have the family I’ve always wanted.

I managed to have a child before the age of 35 which is the threshold for me personally because I am a Worrier and I have read far too many articles and heard too many doctors tell me ‘the younger the better’….

I have a great little boy, my partner is 90% a great fit to me, we are committed to each other, and I am happy. I have a few relationship issues OF COURSE (who doesn’t), but I am with someone who is my equal and my match, and happy.

Sure, I thought I’d have more than one child, but now… I am …I am good with it.

I struggled a lot thinking about it here, about whether only children were lonely.

I am happy with an Only Child. I am happy with my decision and I think it is the right one for us and our family.

When I was in my 20s….

… Sure you have more energy and time but no money and for me (not sure about you), I had no set direction or certainty.

You are struggling, you are just out of school, you’re nervous and uncertain about what it is you want out of life and your career.

Maybe you are coupled up, maybe you’re not (hello additional stress…). Or maybe you’re coupled up and thinking: ... is this the guy for me? Should I not try and see what else is out there? For how long? Everyone is already ‘settled’… what if I don’t find anyone? What if I don’t find anyone.. .GOOD!??! .. omg…

I definitely had that moment.

I know in my 20s when I first started, I also had an unbelievable amount of career confidence that only a 20-year old can have, and that did help buoy me into the career I have today, but it was a lot of luck and good timing too.

Even with all of my overconfidence, I had days where I just did not know WHAT THE HELL I was doing.

I was scared to death when I quit my job and started freelancing (in hindsight? AWESOME decision for me and my career), but when you’re in it, and you wake up the next day after having put in your letter of resignation, thinking: What .. just.. happened? I have student debt, I have only maybe $2000 to make it through… WHY DID I QUIT?

Regret sets in, fear, uncertainty, and you do a lot of deep breathing into chocolate bar wrappers that you obviously ripped apart in a huge frenzy in trying to eat your thoughts and emotions with.

There is just so much you aren’t sure about. You haven’t done anything yet.

You are just beginning and there are opportunities, but there are also a lot of doubts.

I don’t hate my twenties, and I don’t wish I could redo it (although I would like to have avoided some really f*cking stupid dumb decisions), but I definitely do not want to be in my 20s again.

I… love my 30s. And I will certainly say that about my 40s. And my 50s. And forever.

What about you?


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